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the MMAR PPL/DPL Coalition Against Repeal!

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Information about the Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC)
, Toronto's primary not-for-profit medical marijuana resource facility.
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Marijuana and hemp general information:
THC's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
TCC's Cannabis User's Guide- Updated printable .pdf version: front back
Canadian Drug Laws Information Sheet

What is hemp?

how to roll a joint
How to roll a joint

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition FLYER in .PDF format
Marijuana Myths
Cannabis Quotes
Vapor Central, info about vaporizing, and The MAPS and NORML studies on marijuana inhalation methods and safety
Hash and Oil Extraction Information - Rick Simpson Oil and other methods - Ethanol (alcohol) and Olive Oil Extraction


External Links:
The Drug Reform Coordination Network's Drug Library is an amazing collection of research.
Why we should fear prohibition (at


Marijuana growing information:
The Joys of an Herb Garden at Home v3
THC's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Information about other mind-altering substances: (For research purposes only of course - not in any way a substitute for professional medical or legal advice!)
EXTERNAL LINK - The growing technique (and website) of the legendary Psylocybe Fanaticus
Zochi's Fanaticus adaptation
A sheet about mushroom growing using a spore syringe (another Fanaticus adaptation)
Magic Mushroom Growers Guide v3.2 (another Fanaticus adaptation)
Some Things That A Canadian Peyote Cactus Cultivator Ought To Know
Those monkey-brain studies about the effects of MDMA
EXTERNAL LINK - Diviner's Sage (Salvia divinorum) - The S. d. Research and Information Center's User's Guide
EXTERNAL LINK - Iboga/Ibogaine Root Bark Extract (Iboga Therapy House)
EXTERNAL LINK - All "Trippers" should read The Psychedelic Experience, by Timothy Leary
EXTERNAL LINK - And The Essential Psychedelic Guide, by D.M. Turner
EXTERNAL LINK - Lots more information can be found at


For information about obtaining medicinal plant seeds, we recommend consulting Sacred Seed, at, an interesting store in downtown Toronto.

Some organizations and events that we support:
The Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC)
Canadians for Safe Access
NORML Canada (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada)
Canadian Cannabis Coalition
Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Frank Discussion
The Hemp Industries Association /
Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (C.H.T.A.)
The Media Awareness Project and Canadian MAP
The Marijuana Mission (Alison Myrden)
Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot-TV
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.)
Educators for Sensible Drug Policy
Canadian Harm Reduction Network
Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association / Toronto Police Games / Widows and Orphans Fund