Beneficial Insects For Garden Pest Control - Indoor LADYBUGS

Beneficial Insects For Garden Pest Control - Indoor LADYBUGS


Beneficial Insects For Garden Pest Control - Indoor LADYBUGS

Natural Insect Control


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Indoor LADYBUGS (General Predator)
Latin name: Hippodamia convergens

These are Native Ladybugs. Excellent for greenhouse use . Outdoor releases of Ladies that have broken hibernation are available from June through September.

Ladybugs are an excellent beneficial insect. Native ladybugs do not bite nor do they go into your home. The only eat aphids and other soft bodied pest insects and insect eggs. Adults are orange and black beetles that feed on aphids, mites, scales, thrips, whiteflies and beneficial insect food. Adult ladies feed primary at night and lay eggs. Eggs are white or yellow ovals and are laid in clusters on the undersides of your leaves. It is the larvae, having no wings that remain on your plants keeping control of pests. Larvae are black and orange alligator shaped (see photo from Lufa Farms to left). Both the adult and larvae stage are great general pest controllers. Look not for the ladies but to see your pest problems disappear.

1000 Ladybugs covers 50m2. (550ft2)
4,500 covers 275m2 (3,000ft2)
9,000 covers 600m2(6,500ft2)
18,000 covers 1,400m2 (15,000ft2)
When you release more ladybugs they will cover a bigger area, through dispersion.
Must be refrigerated until released.

SPECIAL NOTES: Upon receipt place your 'Ladies' in the fridge and release only in the evening. Be sure to water the area before releasing your ladybugs. Placing a small dish of water in your garden will help keep not only ladybugs but native insects close to your plants especially in the heat of the summer.

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