D-Nail ENail Concentrate Vaporizer Digital V2.0 w/ Extended Life 16mm Heater

D-Nail ENail Concentrate Vaporizer Digital V2.0 w/ Extended Life 16mm Heater




Model 2.0 D-NAiL® digital vaporizer. Displays heater temperature (accurate to the degree) and can be programmed to the specific temperature of your choosing.

The 2.0 expands on the functionality of the 1.2 by adding a remote control power switch, as well as running a faster internal clock cycle to allow it to adapt to temperature changes much more quickly. This results in more stability overall and faster recovery from temperature drops caused by applying your essential oil and carb cap to the hot nail, or external factors like wind. The controls are more user friendly and easier to use. Everything is housed in a smaller, sleeker metal enclosure, available in your choice of several colors.

D-NAiL® 2.0 Digital Control Station in painted metal enclosure
D-NAiL® Extended Life Coil Heater (Kanthal nichrome) with kevlar sheath
Instruction Manual
Power cord and remote control switch
2 Year Warranty against failure on all electronic components
All vaporizers are assembled in New York. Every component is either built, designed, or both in America, Canada, or Europe.

Add a suitable Ti-Nail (we have Highly Educated among other options generally in stock)

Awesome Highly Educated Dualiti "Adapter" Titanium E-Nail with 14mm and 19mm Female Base: torontohemp.com/products/highly-educated-dualiti-domeless-titanium-nail-adapter-for-enails-14mm-and-19mm-female-base

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