DoYouDab Dabber Counterweight - Threaded To Fit Onto DoYouDab Adjustable Titanium Nails

DoYouDab Dabber Counterweight - Threaded To Fit Onto DoYouDab Adjustable Titanium Nails




DoYouDab Dabber Counterweight - Threaded To Fit Onto DoYouDab Adjustable Titanium Nails

Founded in July of 2011, DoYouDab is more than a ti-nail company; we work closely with peers, delivering top notch products on the daily. All of our products are made from commercially pure grade 2 titanium, milled and rolled in America. Our round bar is ASTM B 348 and never out-sourced from India, Russia or China. We only deal with reputable distributors, who are trusted and can provide mill and origin certificates.Our main focus has always been to provide the community with an affordable, well-designed, perfectly machined product. We exclusively use American products; from our tooling to our titanium, there are no corners cut to save costs. We insist that any shop interested in carrying our products be import-free, as our ultimate mission is to support local artists.We are a small business, with stringent quality control practices. We will not hesitate to throw a piece in the ‘Try Again Bin’ if there are any problems, no matter how minor. If our name is on it, we promise it is of the utmost quality. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Nails at a Glance

Our cupped head is an amazing work of art; perfect proportions, precisely placed radii, and astounding depth are the first features your eyes are drawn to. Immediately noticeable are the thinner walls; these are no mistake, friend. Rapid heat distribution through the thinner walls allow for a quick start-up. By adding material at the bottom of the cup, the heat retention was also improved. The inner walls slope at the most crucial moment; just when you need them. When used slightly tipped, the inner walls contain your essential oils. Had the walls been any lower, spillage would occur.

Air flow is a huge concern, and it rightly should be. While being completely recognizable due to its slim design, our midsection is no laughing matter. Nothing is funny about precise machining, or astounding airflow. Virtually unrestricted airflow and plush fitment allow this midsection to be used with virtually every standard and hand worked joint. There is no interference of any kind, especially on the female joints. After a few test drives, it becomes evident; this is the answer you have been seeking. The efficiency is unparallelled and coupled with sheer beauty. It is obvious this design was a no-brainer.

Originally we had intended to make small adjustable nails. The first design from our company was a 9mm nail, and while we decided not to push forward with the design we also did not wish to scrap it. While deciding on a design for a counterweight, the development team thought of something genius; use the 9mm head as a counterweight. It caught on, like wildfire. With a mere 3-4 second heat up, it was obvious; this was to forever be our staple. The smaller head is preferred by many due to the insanely fast heat-up time; who could blame them?

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