Firefly 2 NEW Dynamic Convection Vaporizer AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY

Firefly 2 NEW Dynamic Convection Vaporizer AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY




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Firefly 2 NEW Dynamic Convection Vaporizer

AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY (NO ONLINE SALES, SORRY!) - Please don't get the wrong idea... the "SOLD OUT" refers to our online availability only - we are not allowed to sell Firefly vapes online. This does NOT mean that we are "SOLD OUT" in-store. Please feel free to visit or call us to check on in-store availability of Firefly vaporizers. We generally keep them well-stocked, in all available colours, at all times.

Firefly 2
This is the vaporizer we've all been waiting for. It vaporizes loose-leaf and concentrates, heats in seconds, and delivers consistently superb vapor quality. It’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than Firefly 1, with customizable temperature settings, an efficient fast-charge battery, and delightful ease of use.
Firefly 2 Vaporizer
2x Rechargeable Batteries
Charging Dock
USB 3.0 Cable
Cleaning Kit
3x Concentrate Pads

How do I turn Firefly 2 on and off?
There is no power button on Firefly 2. To start heating, place your fingers on the touch sensors located on either side of the device. To stop heating, remove fingers from touch sensors. The Firefly goes to sleep on its own after a period of inactivity.

What materials can be vaped in the Firefly?
The Firefly is designed for both loose-leaf plant material and concentrates. Loose-leaf plant material can include any herbal blend. With Firefly concentrate pads, waxes and oils work best.

What is the best grind level for the Firefly?
The Firefly excels with medium to coarse ground blends. Breaking your blends up with your fingers is preferable to using a grinder, which could grind your blend too finely for the Firefly.

How full should the heating chamber be filled?
The heating chamber should be loosely filled slightly past the rim of the chamber. A loose fill allows for excellent airflow over all of your material. It’s important that no material is left between the chassis and lid to ensure good sealing and optimum vapor.

What is the temperature range of the Firefly?
The Firefly has a broad temperature range, spanning from room temperature up to 400°F, all within a single inhalation. This means you enjoy each distinct flavor and active ingredient as the temperature continues to climb.

What is the maximum temperature of the Firefly?
The Firefly heats to a software-controlled maximum of 400°F (200°C). Using the Firefly app, you can reach temperatures up to 420°F or even higher for use with concentrates. This setting should only be used with concentrates as it will cause combustion with loose-leaf material.

How do I control the temperature?
Simply hold your fingers on the touch sensors as you draw. The longer you draw, the higher the temperature and the richer the vapor. Experiment with more customization by downloading the Firefly app and using manual control. Enjoy perfect vapor every time, based on what feels best to you.

Where can I find the Firefly app?
The Firefly app is available to download in the iTunes app store or in the App section of the Firefly Support page.
Why would I want to use the app? What does it do?
The optional Firefly app offers advanced settings and temperature control: you can use one of 6 available heat settings or you can adjust the temperature in real time as you vape.

How often should I clean my Firefly?
Check your airpath, mouthpiece and heating chamber often. When you see any build-up occur, its time to clean. See user manual for more details on how to clean.

Are the concentrate pads reuseable?
We recommend that you you use new pads when necessary.

How long does a battery charge last?
A fully-charged battery can deliver between 6 - 8 bowls of material. Your experience may vary based on your usage and normal aging of battery capacity.

Why is my battery is not performing as well as it used to? Are there any special tricks to making my battery last longer?
By nature, lithium-ion batteries degrade with time and use, so the more you use your battery, the less charge it will hold over time. Firefly is designed with a swappable battery so your device will last far longer than the battery.

How long does it take to charge?
The battery charges less than 45 minutes through Firefly QuickCharge adapter (or a standard 9 Volt adapter). The charging time will increase to up to two hours if using a lower wattage adaptor or charging through another device.

What are some key tips for using the Firefly?

To enjoy loose-leaf material:
Fill the glass chamber slightly past the rim and tamp down gently.
Ensure the interior surfaces are completely free of debris for a tight seal and replace the lid.
Place fingers on touch sensors to start heating.
The LED will blink green for a few seconds and turn solid green when it’s ready.
Keep fingers in place and inhale for 5 - 10 seconds. Release touch sensors to stop heating.

To enjoy concentrates:
Place concentrate pad in heating chamber and press firmly around the edges of the pad until it is fully seated in the bottom of the bowl.
Once the pad is inserted, place a small amount of liquid or concentrate material in the center of the pad. A little goes a long way!
Replace the lid and place fingers on touch sensors to start heating.
The LED will blink green for a few seconds and turn solid green when it’s ready.
Continue to hold the touch sensors while taking 5 to 10 cigar style mouth puffs or until visible vapor is seen.
After initial heating, return to normal inhalations.
Removal: Material in the pad can become sticky. Pre-heat the Firefly for 10-15 seconds to loosen any extra material and then use the pick from the cleaning kit to pry up the edges of the pad and remove.

After extended use, my Firefly is hot to touch, is that normal?
It is normal for your Firefly to get hot with continuous use. The firmware inside the device controls the heating source. If Firefly gets too hot, firmware will shut off the heat source. However, if the device feels too hot for you, give it a break to it cool down.

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