Hempola Lip Balm Tube - Watermelon

Hempola Lip Balm Tube - Watermelon




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Hempola Lip Balm  Watermelon Tube

"I'd just like to take the time to tell you how much I LOVE your lip balm. I have tried both the Lime and the Watermelon and both taste great. I put it on my lips first thing in the morning and don't need to use it again until the next day. This product is the best compared to anything else I have used. It's very smooth, and soft even if your lips are chapped. It soaks into your lips and keeps them soft for hours. It isn't greasy either. There have been times that I've even had a cracked finger, and with nothing else around, I will apply some lip balm. It keeps the crack soft and to me, it helps heal it faster. Everytime I see someone using lip balm, I always recommend Hempola Lip Balm. Sincerly, Shelley Miller, Guelph, Ontario."

With more naturally occurring essential fatty acids than any other plant-derived oil, HEMPOLA Cold Pressed Hempseed oil in body care products provide the means to obtain the topical benefits of its perfectly balanced 3:1 Omega-6: Omega-3 EFA ratio and the proven healing abilities of GLA on a daily basis.

HEMPOLA Lip Balm is completely natural with no sticky residue. It absorbs deeply, but not too quickly – just what everybody wants from a lip balm. Available in delicious lime or watermelon flavours.

Selected by the American Music Awards in 2003.

5g/0.3 oz. tube

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