HighFiveVape ENail Digital Vaporizer Black With 16mm Heater

HighFiveVape ENail Digital Vaporizer Black With 16mm Heater


HighFiveVape ENail Digital Vaporizer Black With 16mm Heater



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1. How much do you spend on butane every month? 
2. Have you ever wanted to buy a reliable and affordable e-nail without having to compromise quality? 
3. Do you want to start saving money and at the same time improve your essential oil experience?

Now you can. HIGH5 has one of the most affordable enails on the market. HIGH5's electric nail/e-nail is extremely compact and durable. It includes a control box with a digital display, power cord and a coil/coiled heater. The coiled heater's sheath is covered in high quality, non-flammable for safety and flexibility. Enail dimensions in inches: 5(L) x 3(W) x 2(H).

The temperature for the HIGH5 enail can be set anywhere between 0 - 999ºF. The HIGH5 e-nail is a must have upgrade for vaporizing your essential oils. It will enhance your vaping experience allowing you to accurately control the temperature of each dab. Stop wasting months of your paycheck on overpriced e-nails when a HIGH5 e-nail functions the same and is just as reliable. The HIGH5 enail pays for itself, forget the feeling of disappointment when you run out of butane and have to go to the store, with the HIGH5 enail those days are long gone.

HIGH5 provides a 1 year warranty against failure on all electronic components. This warranty does not cover any forms of accidental damage, misuse or neglect. HIGH5 will repair units that break due to forms of accidental damage, misuse or neglect for a fair price. Please read our online manual to learn what constitutes as accidental damage, misuse and neglect. If you do not read the user manual before using the HIGH5 Enail the warranty will be voided. HIGH5 enails cannot be used with coils/power cords from other enail brands, doing so will void the warranty. If you receive an e-nail that is not functioning properly please submit through the online contact form and we will assist you.

Wattage: 120w Coil/Coiled Heater
Enail Dimensions(inches): 5(L) x 3(W) x 2(H)
Coil connection: 5PIN Female XLR
Length of hot runner coil/coiled heater: 4ft
Temperature range: 0°F - 1200°F
Temperature controller tested and pre-configured to 710°F

Unit Includes:
(1) - Power Cord
(1) - Hot Runner Coil/Coiled Heater
(1) - Control Box with Digital Display
(1) - Click to Download User Manual

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