NoGoo Nonstick Platinum Cured Silicone Containers Large Size Single

NoGoo Nonstick Platinum Cured Silicone Containers Large Size Single


NoGoo NonStick


Because YOU asked for it, we made it! A larger size NoGoo® nonstick jar! This nonstick jar is made with NoGoo's patent pending lid, to keep all your stuff safely secure.

The large nonstick jar is approximately 10 ml and comes in 4 colors. If you need a bigger size jar, buy 2 or 3. ;)

Each jar is sold individually. Colors may vary based on availability.

NoGoo® NonStick Platinum Cured Silicone Container Large Size
The NEW NoGoo® patent pending nonstick container is the solution to your sticky problems! The lids on the jars are specifically designed so that they stay together in your pocket. You'll be amazed at how well these work!
Assorted colours available - you will get a random colour selected out of our 100-pack tub unless you specify in the comments section of your order.


Check out NoGoo® Platinum Cured nonstick silicone containers, the BEST NON-STICK container made of silicon that allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out without leaving anything on the sides of the jar. If using glass or plastic containers is costly, feels unsafe or doesn’t work for you, then you’ll be amazed by NoGoo® patent pending nonstick containers.
Not only are NoGoo® nonstick containers, but they’re also:
Shatter resistant
Platinum Cured silicone
Heat resistant up to 450 degrees
Freezer safe
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe
AND, the custom squeeze/twist top makes them easy to open, AND they’re bounce-able. Yes, they bounce and the top stays on!
NoGoo® nonstick containers are TAKIN’ THE ICKY OUT OF STICKY!

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