OG Original Glass 14" Beaker w/ Tree Perc OG-F2012

OG Original Glass 14" Beaker w/ Tree Perc OG-F2012


OG Original Glass 14" Beaker w/ Tree Perc OG-F2012

OG Original Glass


OG Original Glass Waterpipe - Beaker 14" w/ Tree Perc OG-F2012

Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Teal

Please note that this new style of OG bong has some interesting personality quirks... For example, and as you can see in the photos, there is a bit of variation in sizing as some are quite a bit taller than others. Generally the Black, Blue, Green and Teal are taller than the Pink and Purple by over an inch, I believe. Also, the coloring is done quite interestingly - the taller colors have very noticable color banding while the other two don't have as much color (mostly on the lip and the perc rather than huge banding). Also very much worth noting - the Black (and only the black, from what we've seen so far) comes with a 19mm downstem and bowl while all the others come with the low-profile flushmount 14mm downstem and matching 14mm bowl. Hard to say which is 'better', to each his own and all that - just possibly worth noting, especially if you have other bowls and/or ash-catchers and/or adapters and/or other accessories that are one size or another of course. 

As much as we love providing the top name brands of North American made glass, we also love (and realize that it's our duty) to sift through the world of less-expensive imported options and find a few gems - to provide great quality cheaper products that are amazing deals for our customers! These OG brand imported glass bongs are some of the best we've been able to find and are an unbelievably great deal for the money! Because not everyone wants to drop fat stacks on their glass - but all of our customers deserve to get something good, from a place that you can trust!

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