NoName Spiral / Screw / Screwy Glass Blunt ( Twisty -Like?)

OG Original Glass Spiral Glass Blunt ( Twisty -Like?)


OG Original Glass Spiral Glass Blunt ( Twisty -Like?)

OG - Original Glass


NoName Spiral Glass Blunt ( Twisty -Like?)

We HATE having and selling 'knock-off' or 'counterfeit' products and avoid doing so at all costs, but the 'grey area' here is confusing as hell and we're not sure what to do - everyone seems to have these 'Twisty Glass Blunts' and to sell them for all kinds of excessive prices whether they are 'authentic' or 'knock-off' - some call them '7Pipe' even though they obviously are NOT from 7Pipe, some don't... here's the best 'knock-off' (non-7Pipe branded) "Twisty Glass Blunt" that we've found for the best price... we can't keep being made to look bad by folks who think the 'authentic' is overpriced while there seems to be no action enforcing any 'Intellectual Property' which leads us to believe that maybe there ARE no "Intellectual Property" rights to be protected perhaps... We'll make these available for our customers while it seems logical to do so (or at least display them here even if labelled 'Sold Out' just to show what options and pricing - $24.95 - also exist), but we hope that the 'authentic' will be proven to be so while they also allow us to purchase and sell the 'authentic' for a price that isn't apparently 'outrageous' compared to the 'knock-offs' eventually... SO CONFUSING...

From the manufacturer: "Includes -Twisty Glass Unit, - Silicone Cap, - O-Ring, - Cleaning Brush, - Gift Box"

The paperwork SAYS that the 'screw' is made of "Titanium Nitride"... what exactly does that mean, we're not sure... please do your own 'due dilligence' about manufacturing materials and choose to purchase this product only if YOU feel that it is safe - we also make the 'Authentic' Twisty Glass Blunt by 7Pipe available (at a much higher price) for those who are happy to pay for the 'best' and 'correct' products!

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