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PVHES PlanetVape High Efficiency Stems for Arizer Solo


PVHES PlanetVape High Efficiency StemsPVHES Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

Take your Solo to the Next Level with these custom stems utilizing Micro Channel Technology to improve airflow by 30% while still maintaining thick, dense vapor clouds. Extract more from your flowers in less time, improving on efficiency by more evenly and thoroughly vaporizing your flowers.

PVHES - Straight or Bent
standard bowl size
micro channel technology
multiple air entry points

PVHES Shorty - Straight or Bent
30% smaller bowl size
micro channel technology
multiple air entry points
overall stem length remains unchanged from stock

Turbo Option
Large Single Bore with a glass rim to hold the required screen
micro channel technology
multiple air entry points

Travel Tube Included
Optional air and water tight travel / storage / cleaning tube for straight stem PVHES models only

1 x PVHES of your choice
1 x Custom Solo Stainless Steel stem screen

Grind your flowers to a medium - fine consistency, recommended to use our Volcano Grinder
Fill the bowl on your PVHES all the way and very very lightly pack a bit
Holding your Solo upside down, insert the PVHES Stem all the way in and then turn the Solo the right way up
Turn your Solo on and heat to your desired temperature with PVHES inserted during warm up
Once Solo reaches your selected temperature wait an extra 45 seconds to heat soak your biomass and PVHES
Take a nice long slow inhalation
Wait 30 seconds between hits to allow your Solo to stabilize
Due to much less air flow resistance of the PVHES, resist the urge to inhale too fast, overwhelming the Solo's heater
You can raise the temperature for the last few hits to get the full spectrum from your flowers
Bowl is spent when there is no more vapor production
Always empty spent bowl while it is still at its hottest, a cool bowl is much harder to empty cleanly

Disclaimer: THC and PlanetVape are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused to yourself or your vaporizer from using our glassware. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.