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Quintessential Tips Pure Hemp


Quintessential Tips Pure Hemp



Quintessential Pure Hemp Tips is for the dedicated hemp connoisseur and are arguably the only hemp tip, pure or otherwise, on the planet!. The quality of the hemp, sourced in Europe is excellent and this is Quintessential's premium product. Tree-free, chlorine free, plain, perfect hemp, they are biodegradable, ethical, roll smoothly and are kind to people and Earth. Please dispose of your used tips with consideration for the enviroment and other people. Enjoy! 'Quintessential wholly endorses the cultivation of Hemp for the Health, Happiness & Prosperity of All'

Quintessential Tips is a family run business based in Cornwall. England. We have been manufacturing the UK's first and best loved smoking roach tips since the early 90's. Setting the standard worldwide for 'Chlorine Free' smoking, we produce reliably well made products from various environmentally and people friendly papers, including FSC, Recycled and 100% Pure Hemp, tree-free papers. Even our inks are veggie!! Fair Trade and ethical, we take pride in offering great quality, British made products. Branding services available on request. see BRANDED Not only do the Quintessential smoking roach tips strengthen your roll up, it will also stop unwanted bits of tobacco coming through into your mouth. Feel the Love and grab yourself a pack today to see what it's all about.

Quintessential Pure Hemp smoking tips
Purchase strictly 18 (UK) Other Countries restrictions apply worldwide
Buy here by the box
Easy to Use
Handy size for pockets and purses
100% Pure Hemp
Chlorine & Bleach Free
Originators of 'chlorine free' smoking supplies
Made in Cornwall with pride and care
Hand finished top quality products
Biodegradable & recyclable
Fair Trade smoking accessories
Sustainable Product
Box contains 50 booklets
Money Back Guaranteed
Booklet contains 50 pages
100% Pure Hemp Tips box weight - 311 grams
100% Pure Hemp Tips box dimensions - 11 x 9 x 5 cm
100% Pure Hemp Tips booklet weight - 7 grams
100% Pure Hemp Tips booklet dimensions - 5 x 1 x 1 cm
Product code reference: T3

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