Detox Capsules - Stat! Flush 5 Capsules

Detox Capsules - Stat! Flush 5 Capsules




STAT!™ Flush Detox * STAT! TOP SELLER! * 5 cap formula * Trusted and secure * Not a mask * Triple acting - washes body of unwanted toxins * Works in as little as one hour * Contains Vitamin B12 * Lasts up to 4 hours * Freshness and safety sealed

STAT!™ Flush Detox - 5 Cap

STAT!™ Flush Detox, a 5 capsule, one hour flush, helps your body rapidly cleanse itself of unwanted toxins. These toxins generally accumulate in the liver and fat cells. Substances that do not accumulate in the fat cells are removed permanently. One example of these types of toxins is caffeine. Of course, avoid future exposure if you want to stay toxin-free.

Substances such as tobacco smoke accumulate primarily in the fat cells. Traces of these types of toxins can remain in your body for up to 6 months. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can cause detectable levels to accumulate in your body.

If you feel you have been exposed, STAT!™ Flush Detox will detoxify by helping your body remove a substantial quantity of these toxins quickly. When used according to directions, STAT!™ Flush Detox effectively helps your body eliminate almost all traces of toxins.

Of course, proper usage is important. For best results, avoid exposure to any type of toxin for at least 48 hours prior to using STAT!™ Flush Detox Flush.

When you are ready to begin, take the entire contents of the bottle over a 10-minute period. Remember to drink at least 32 to 40 ounces of water. Since toxins are eliminated primarily through urination, urinate at least 2 to 3 times.
NOTE: For women over 180 lbs, and men over 200 lbs, use 2 bottles.

To help maintain a cleansed state, use STAT!™ Daily Pretox cleansing capsules. Formulated for daily use, it is gentle yet effective. STAT!™ Daily Pretox capsules help get a head start on any emergency detoxification regimen.

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