Sublimator Adapt-A-Nail V4 Ti E-Nailator Kit

Sublimator Adapt-A-Nail V4 Ti E-Nailator Kit


Sublimator Adapt-A-Nail V4 Ti E-Nailator Kit



Sublimator Adapt-A-Nail V4 Ti E-Nailator Kit NEW 2015 Model!

Sublimator Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

The E-Nailator is an amazing device, it is an electrically powered, domeless titanium nail designed to vaporize concentrates. It does not require the use of a butane or propane torch therefore greatly increasing the safety of use. It is simple to use and doesn't require manipulating delicate and fragile glass domes. Can be used with most 14-19mm compatible water tools or similar devices. Indeed, concentrates can be vaporized, not sublimated, in its chamber. This is great for those who prefer the different aromas and milder effects procured by vaporizing.

The E-Nailator is also THE unit if you want to vaporize the sublimate from your Sublimator. This air and friction collected extract is the cleanest form of extraction possible as no solvents or liquids are used.
Using a 1/4 pound of Pure Grade 2 Titanium in the E-Nailator ensures your set temps stay consistent and the mass is large enough for 1+ gram sized dabs one after another.

Made with 1/4 pound of Pure Grade 2 Titanium for safety, consistent performance and superior quality
Variable Heat Control to adjust from delicate concentrates to solid extracts
Can be used on any water tool with a 14mm or 19mm joint
E-Nailator chamber can be used to vaporize dry extracts as well as less stable concentrates

(1) E-Nailator Electrically powered, Domeless Titanium nail
(1) E-Nailator Bay (Stainless Steel Stand)
(1) Atomizer 14mm and 19mm joint size
(1) Sublimator Stainless Steel Screen

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Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine Sublimator E-Nailator. Don't take a chance with your health, the advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a complete authentic kit with the newest version of the Sublimator E-Nailator. You will also be fully covered by the manufactures 10 year Limited Warranty and you will receive the best service possible.
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