Light Fixture SunBlaster T5 Compact Fluorescent Reflector (Snap-On) - 2', 3', 4'

Light Fixture SunBlaster T5 Compact Fluorescent Reflector (Snap-On) - 2', 3', 4'




SunBlaster T5 Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Reflector (Snap-On) - 2', 3', 4'

A plants' specific needs determine which lighting is most appropriate for optimum growth; artificial light must mimic the natural light to which the plant is best adapted. The bigger the plant gets the more light it requires; if there is not enough light, a plant will not grow, regardless of other conditions.

Illuminance, or luminous flux density, measured in lux is an important factor in indoor growing. Illuminance is the amount of light incident on a surface. One lux equals one lumen of light falling on an area of one square meter (lm/m2), which is approx. 0.093 foot-candle (lm/ft2). The average garden weed begins vegetative growth at .03 lumens.

Our Lighting engineers have incorporated the most advanced reflective surface available in the manufacturing process of the SunBlaster NanoTech T5HO Reflector. Made possible only through the application of Nanotechnology, this revolutionary reflective surface has the ability to capture lost light, and simultaneously convert that light into the brightest, most brilliant light we have ever produced! The metallic crystal layer within the reflective surface helps spread the T5 light across the plant canopy diffusing it deep into the plant foliage.

SunBlaster's NanoTech T5HO reflector captures 99.9% of previously lost light while increasing lumen availability up to 300%. The NanoTech T5 Reflector is made exclusively for the New SunBlaster T5HO. To top it off, they made mounting it so easy. It simply snaps on!

All of our reflectors produces more light, spreads it wider across the plant canopy, deeper into the plant foliage, without consuming any additional power. Promoting fast, rigorous growth!

We call that a job well done.

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