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Self Discovery Abundant Living Free Introduction

Self Discovery Abundant Living Free Introduction

Self Discovery is the most ‘direct route’ to Freedom, Liberation or Self Realization in the ‘New Energy’ humanity is now immersed in. It allows you to experience Freedom Now from the illusion of the ‘false self’ or ‘ego’, while still transforming its conditioning ... ‘and’ living abundantly ... “Living IN the world not OF it.”

It is:

“standing in the fire of who you are NOT
to Discover Who you Really Are.”

It is sometimes referred to as SATSANG

This fire will not burn you, it will only burn who you are `not`” – Mooji

Self-Discovery allows you to look directly into the face of every experience and see and feel mirrored back at yourself every block to the Awareness of the Abundance, the Joy, the Beauty, the Freedom, the Peace and the Love that you are.

By feeling what arises from these discoveries and embracing them as aspects of ALL THAT IS, Grace transforms long standing conditioning that has kept you imprisoned in the illusion of separation and limitation.

For millenniums humanity has embraced a poverty consciousness lurking beneath its awareness, even in so called ‘success oriented’ people. It is the child of unworthiness from the original loss of Awareness of Who we Are.

Self Discovery allows you to `live IN the world but not OF it`... to live Abundantly and Joyfully without the prison of being controlled by attachments, expectations and identities.

John McIntosh

A few years ago I lived a much different life. I had been fortunate as an entrepreneur in acquiring financial independence but something was wrong, very wrong. The happiness it promised and indeed I had taught to thousands around the world for decades, was nowhere to be found. I took a drastic decision and leapt off the cliff of Self Discovery [leaving everything behind] … that was 17 years ago.

I now offer Self Discovery – Abundant Living sessions and I am creating AURELIO ENZO MAGAZINE with the Theme: Collaboration Expanding the Awareness of Oneness to extend Self Discovery through the medium of the Entertainment Industry.


A Multi-millionaire until 1999 John traveled for decades around the world teaching Self Empowerment to tens of thousands of people before diving into Self Discovery. Now, in the first baby steps of The Golden Age, John shares his Awareness of the ‘old energy’ of the ‘mind’ together with his personal experience of The New Energy - ‘Thinking with the Heart’, which is the instrument of SELF Mastery, Abundant Living and Freedom - Now. John is also the author of 15 books.

John's latest book - YOU ARE GOD - John McIntosh []

“John's books and teachings have transformed my life and opened up my soul to incredible heights. His guidance and wisdom have not only brought me material success, but best of all spiritual riches that I have searched for my entire life. Not only has he inspired me, he has helped me find truth and focus from where I needed it most – ‘inside of me’. Thank you John.” -Chris Carley – (number #1 company distributor) - Herbalife International
Self Discovery Abundant Living Free Introduction