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New Glass Brand Announcement - Plain Jane Glass - And this stuff is NICE!!!! Like, REALLY nice!!!

Yep, that's right, new glass brand announcement time! We've decided to bring on board this new Plain Jane Glass brand, created by some of our friends in Canada's far West (while of course made in China like just about everything else in the world)! 

We are, obviously and logically, SUPER picky about the new products we choose to showcase and provide for our beloved customers, and so we can very plainly say that this new glass brand has proven itself VERY impressive and in my/our humble opinion the good folks at Plain Jane Glass have done an amazingly good job of building a catalog and offering that VERY effectively fills a few super important voids in the glass marketplace! Plain Jane Glass is DEFINITELY worthy of being on a THC shelf or few, and we feel similarly worthy of going home with, putting good sesh time in with, and looking beautiful on the home/collection shelf of, any and all reasonable THC customers!

Among the factors that cause me to so 'gush' here about Plain Jane Glass, as odd as it feels in ways to 'gush' about a 'China Glass' brand, include that after choosing a pretty wide selection of items from the Plain Jane Glass catalog and waiting in cautious anticipation for their arrival at THC, the unboxing of our Plain Jane Glass selection caused those THC staff fortunate enough to be within range of the new items as they emerged to spontaneously 'ooh and ahh' and grab items to take a closer look at them, to excitedly profess heartfelt appreciation for how very nice most if not all of the pieces turned out to be!

Other factors that truly impressed us were the tastefulness and appropriateness of each piece - again fitting very nicely into gaps in the 'market' including gaps that were not even all that apparent until a piece or two popped out of these boxes to fill them. So many of these Plain Jane Glass pieces are not only beautifully designed and made - with colors and finishes that really 'pop' and stand out - but they also are SOLID and awesomely functional - with great shape and size, clearly made with the thought and experience needed to ensure a quality product and user experience alike! 

One of the craziest things about this new brand is the avoidance of BRANDING - not a Plain Jane Glass logo in sight! This is of course something that we all love and respect! These pieces don't need to 'advertise' - the quality and beauty of them and the obvious effort and sense that went into their design and choosing... they sell themselves!
Oh yeah, and the gaps they fill in the 'market' are somewhat widespread - GOOD, INEXPENSIVE and GORGEOUS concentrate/oil rigs that come with good quartz bangers... GOOD, INEXPENSIVE and GORGEOUS flower bongs with great beakers both functional and attractive - many of them SUPER THICK 9mm glass at unbelievable prices worthy of far thinner and otherwise lesser products... GOOD, INEXPENSIVE and GORGEOUS accessories like Plain Jane Glass Ash Catchers that have been so in demand especially lately! So much great stuff, filling a good many awesome slots in our product selection!
Bottom stuff, in case I haven't stressed it enough yet, these are really really decent glass pieces, and with their pricing as low as it is and considering the amazing reaction we've had from staff and customers alike ALREADY, we already know that Plain Jane Glass is going to be a real solid fixture of a glass brand in THC and available here at for a good long time to come! Check out the amazing selection of Plain Jane Glass here, and we can confidently say that if you like the look of something you see here, you'll be even HAPPIER with how it looks up close and personal, as well as how solid and functional it is! Oh, and not that it really can matter since this stuff is so nice, Plain Jane Glass has made it clear to us that they stand behind their products and will ensure to the best of their reasonable abilities that we and our customers are happy with their experiences with Plain Jane Glass products! I truly look forward to continue seeing the smiles and wonder that these pieces create as people see and experience them, and also to see what impressive products Plain Jane Glass comes up with for us next! Enjoy and all the very best to you! :)