Question about yield and growing options for 4 legal plants indoors

06 September, 2019


" Basically I was looking at grow kits from the automated ones to the normal ones I need a grow kit for 4 plants but it need to produce enough per yield that I can have because everywhere else I checked it says about 90 days for 1 yield and you get about and ounce or 2 I need something that can grow either at least a quarter pound each time or something that just produces a lot of cannabis per yield because automated grow maxes like grobo or seedo even is pricy and doesn't grow that much so if you help me find something that Grows a lot of green for 4 plants and that's indoors becuase I can't have smell if I'm growing indoors thank you "


" Hey there,

Here's the basics... The only logical way to estimate your yield is based upon the wattage of the light that you are putting over your plants... The light is the one variable that determines, BY FAR more than any other, how much is produced (you can have the same sized light over different numbers of plants and over different square-footages of space and you'll end up generally with the same yield in the end, generally. Put another way, you can grow 4 huge plants in 40 square feet of space or 4 smaller plants in 20 square feet of space and the one thing that will make the most difference for your yield is your light).

So, generally a formula you can consider is : hope for approximately 1 pound per 1000w of light. So, if you have a 600w (or equivalent) light in a 4x4' tent, you're doing OK if you get 60% of a pound. If you have a 250w (or equivalent) light in a 3x3' tent you're doing OK if you get a quarter pound.

Depending on the strain, you should be able to do a full run, from seed/clone up to finished product in around 3 months.

So, I would suggest, if you want 1/4 pound every 3 months, to get about a 3x3' tent or box or room or closet, and use about 250w High Pressure Sodium (or roughly equivalent in Quantum Board LED lighting).

As for smell, the one most effective method to mitigate and control odor is to use an Activated Charcoal Filter on your tent/room/box/closet's exhaust and maintain a 'negative air pressure environment' inside the tent at virtually all times (more warm smelly air being exhausted than cooler cleaner CO2-fresh air that is being pulled in through your 'intake fan'. This will remove approximately 99% of the smell from your setup. You can exhaust that smelly air into the room/basement/space where your tent is located, or better is to exhaust it to the outdoors and to have the option of pulling your intake air from nearby outdoors for nice fresh cool CO2-rich air for your plants (best to have the option to switch between indoor and outdoor exhaust and intake depending on how cold it is outside, how hot it is inside, with consideration of what kind of light you are using and the season, etc.)

Our website's Information Index Page has detailed option pages linked from it for our suggested and available Tent Configuration Suggestions for 2x2', 3x3' and 4x4' tents and we now carry new LED lights from MARS Hydro and Shenzen Meijiu Lighting that are very very good LED lights that we've seen produce some of the most impressive buds yet with low heat production etc. but that are not yet listed on the Configuration sheets that do need to be updated to include them and perhaps other little details here and there but should help to give you a pretty good idea the way they are.

Hope that helps! Thank for asking! "

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