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Toronto (Ontario more generally) has reverted, thanks to the evil and mysterious creature called "Omicron" to a system full of ominous "New Restrictions" or "Stage 2 Re-Opening" (we can hardly keep up so call it whatever you want to) for Coronavirus / COVID 19 / SARS COV-2 public health protection. To summarize, for our purposes this still SEEMS to mean that "non-essential" retail like us is currently OPEN at 50% of our regular building capacity - this means that we at THC are currently allowed 25 customers in the store at any time, which we are enforcing strictly of course since if we don't the 'inspectors' will 'get us'. All visitors must of course wear masks and social distance (minimum 6' / 2m from staff and others), and we of course clean and disinfect compulsively and provide hand sanitizer and all that crap at the entrance and beyond! :)

We also offer in-store pickup of online orders (you must please wait for your 'shipping / pickup confirmation email' and provide ID verification), AND fast delivery if that's your preference. SAME-DAY (WEEKDAY) DELIVERY is now available! Anyone who is frightened to enter the building for whatever reason can either order online or call the shop (416-920-1980 then press 9 then 4) and make an order from outside or elsewhere.

Reduced COVID hours are BACK - we might be open every day from Noon to 8pm but you should check Google and/or call to confirm our interpretation of and efforts around the latest confusion and madness!
Online Orders F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) :