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Custom ROOR Germany Glass Bong Order Options!

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665 Yonge Street 
Toronto ON M4Y1Z9
416-920-1980 (follow prompts to transfer to the department of your choice - you can choose 711 or 712 for our Shipping, Online Sales & Customer Service Team)
Call THC TOLL FREE1-833-245-4367 (1-833-245-HEMP) - "Shipping, Online Sales & Customer Service Team" - our online-sales specialists - Garden Supplies in the basement - Zachary, the main Manager - Dom, the owner / President.

Yes, you can order yourself a totally customized ROOR Germany piece done up to your personal preferences! Simply EMAIL us ( and we'll set it up for you! We'll get you to pay up, and we'll add your special piece to our ROOR order - turnaround and delivery time is actually a lot quicker than you might expect! 

Designing your baby:

Step 1:
Pick your desired style and size, thickness and height (feel free to circle or otherwise choose one of each option in the list below to then copy-paste or attach it into your email):
- Straight or Beaker?
- Glass Thickness - 3.2mm, 5.0mm, 7.0mm?
- Add Ice Notches - Yes or No?
- Add a Carb-Hole - Yes or No?
- Height - How Tall? 35cm? 45cm? or in some cases even 55cm?
- Joint Size - 14mm (aka 14.4mm/14.5mm) or 19mm (aka 18.8mm)
- Open-Ended Down-stem or Diffused Down-stem?

Pick a bowl (match your joint sizes of course) - options include:
410-KM bowl 10mm
414-KK bowl small 14mm
414-KM bowl medium 14mm
414-KG bowl large 14mm
414-BB bubble bowl 14mm
414-3BS bent bubble screen bowl 14mm
414-US bowl us-style 14mm
414-SP spliff-adapter 14mm
418-KK bowl small 19mm
418-KM bowl medium 19mm
418-KG bowl large 19mm
418-BB bubble bowl 19mm
418-US bowl us-style 19mm
418-SP spliff-adapter 19mm
429-KM bowl 29mm
429-US us-style 29mm

THEN you can go NUTS, IF you want! Some of the many customization options include:

Logo options (with a rough idea of pricing to at least give you a relative/rough framework):
650-B logo solid gold with diamond 2000
651-B logo solid silver with ruby standard 110mm 1400
652-B logo solid silver with ruby mini 60mm 1250
653-B hempleaf application solid silver 300
654-B hempleaf sandblasted 108
655-BG gilding of ice notches 70
655-BP platinating of ice notches 70
656-B colouring ice notches 70
657-B colouring carb-hole 35
658-B-* logo colour change 20 (* = color option = blue, orange, red, yellow, green, white OR outlined option in the format maincolor-outlinecolor = blue-orange, orange-blue, red-white, white-red, white-black, black-white)
658-B-RAST logo rasta 20
658-B-CAM logo camo 20
658-B-L3C logo leopard 3C 20
658-B-DAI logo daisies 20
658-B-GAL logo galaxy 20
658-B-LAC logo lace 20
658-B-LEO logo leopard 20
658-B-TIE logo tie-dye 20
658-B-WOO logo woodgrain 20
659-B logo millennium (not abrasion-proof, acid-resistant) shiny 30
661-B logo sandblasted 100
661-B-OUT outline-logo sandblasted 100
661-B-CU custom logo at cost or template off 150

Mouthpiece options:
662-BM mouthpiece crown 140
663-B mouthpiece rasta 1 circle 85
664-B millefiori embedding (various motives) 75
669-B mouthpiece color (your choice) 150
671-B dichro embedding (OM sign/peace sign/ROOR/howardMarks or hemp leaf) 75
672-B-065 logo flame polished 65mm 140
672-B-160 logo flame polished 160mm 160
673-B glass dots - color / clear 45
674-B opal embedding 140
675-B mouthpiece crown with opals 600
676-B mouthpiece pearl 200
678-B text Marble 160
678-B dichroImplosion-Marble 160
678-B section-Marble 160
680-B5 mouthpiece ziggy at 5mm 240
680-B7 mouthpiece ziggy at 7mm 240

And you can even add BOWL options, including:
600-K turbo (largest possible smoke passage) 11 
601-K reduction (smallest possible smoke passage aka 'Narrowed' / 'North American Style' - not 'European' so no glass screen needed) 11
602-K screen-notch 27
603-KG gilding 27
603-KP platinating 27
604-K Poseidon 126
605-K Rasta 38
606-K crown 57
607-K bowl coloring 53
608-K spiral nebula 57
609-K color glass section on bowl 144
611-K pearl 94
614-K opal embedding 57
(not every option can be combined with every bowl)

Hopefully that's enough to get you started! Feel free to chat with one of us via Email ( or IG (@torontohempco) and let us help however we can!

ROOR Germany Custom Logo Options


We are as 'legit' as it gets - Authorized Retailer for all brands that we carry - some brands being much more serious about Authorization than others, of course - ROOR being one of the more serious ones! There are TONS of GARBAGE knock-off ROORs out there - don't be scammed!! Any ROOR bong you consider purchasing should have one of ROOR's Authentication Seals (Like THIS example) and should come only from a place possessing an Authorized ROOR Retailer Certificate like this one: ROOR Germany Authorized Retailer Certificate Photograph - and, hey, if you REALLY want to personalize your custom ROOR piece, ask us about our next Meet-And-Greet and Bong Signing Event with Martin Birzle, Founder and Owner and Head Glass Artist at ROOR Germany (generally once every few years at our Toronto store)! 

ROOR Germany Glass Authorization Seal / Tag at Toronto Hemp Company (THC)

ROOR Germany Glass Authorized Retailer Certificate 2009 at Toronto Hemp Company (THC)