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As nice as it would be for us to be able to give away FREE WEED, we're not quite there yet! There's been all kinds of progress over the past few years, and things will definitely only get better... but there is still lots to be done! While our Conservative government is crusading against crime by instituting mandatory minimum sentences for as innocent a 'crime' as growing 6 plants "for the purpose of trafficking" for your sick friend, south of the border the US government seems to finally be getting close to making real positive change. And in BC, there is some real momentum as well. The upcoming Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations proposed by Health Canada and set to come into force very darn soon for all of Canada will create an enormous commercial marketplace for medical cannabis, and like it or not it seems the Conservatives might very well accidentally make the most productive step towards legalization that Canada has ever seen. Money talks, and once big business and our tax coffers start to get their hands on marijuana money, things might really change very quickly. Whatever the case, it seems right now that the most productive thing that we can do if we want push this thing forward is to support organizations like The Sensible BC Campaign (see, and organizations like Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (

And it never hurts to support organizations like THC and Vapor Central - a portion of every dime you spend with us is put towards legalization encouraging efforts including Sensible BC, LEAP, the 420 Rally, and many many more! Maybe spend a dime here - you benefit, and so does the world!