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How To Roll A Joint

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There are about as many rolling methods as there are joint rollers, of course, so this is just a quick and easy method to roll an average joint the way I like to do it. You'll likely find yourself making slight variations to the technique to suit your tastes or dexterity or whatever. Either way, rolling is an art and an important part of the ceremony, the tradition - so enjoint yourself!


If any of these steps strike you as perhaps more dexterous than your fingers would prefer, a great option is always an inexpensive little "Rolling Machine" - take a look at our "Roller" selection at for options (single size 70mm, all-round great size and perfect for 1 1/4 papers 79mm, and king size 110mm), and for grinders like the (Sweetleaf Medium) one pictured below!

How To Roll A Joint - Image 1 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
First, grind up your herbs to a nice consistency.
How To Roll A Joint - Image 2 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
How To Roll A Joint - Image 3 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
Make yourself a little filter for the end of your joint. There are lots of pre-cut and perforated filter packs available or you can, preferably as a last resort, rip a piece off your rolling paper or cigarette pack or business card or whatever other piece of cardboard you find lying around. Cotton filters (like the filters in mass-produced cigarettes) are counter-productive (apparently they filter out good stuff more than any possible 'bad'), while a spiraled paper filter serves the purpose quite perfectly - allowing you to smoke all your herb without a wasteful roach left over.

How To Roll A Joint - Image 4 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
Grab a good quality paper, as thin as you can handle, unbleached hemp or rice with natural vegetable-based glue. Hold the paper so as to make kind of a trough with it, with the glue facing you and on the far/high side of the paper - where you'd expect it to be for convenient licking. Place some herb and your filter in the paper (you can roll without the filter and add it later alternatively of course).

How To Roll A Joint - Image 5 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
Fold the paper around the joint's contents, and roll the contents inside the folded paper back and forth a little to even things out - but not so much as to make the contents too tight.

How To Roll A Joint - Image 6 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
Start actually rolling the paper at the filter end, tucking the edge of the paper in. Continue rolling carefully so as to have an even tube, whether symmetrical or cone-shaped (a matter of preference and depending on the materials available).

How To Roll A Joint - Image 7 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
When you get to about this point it's time to lick the glue. Don't soak it, just moisten it a little. If you keep your papers in a humid place your glue may be weak or non-existent but that's ok, many people roll with glueless papers anyway (in which case you should tear a thin strip off of the edge of your paper so that there are more exposed fibres with which the paper can stick to itself).

How To Roll A Joint - Image 8 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
Start joining the glued end at the wider side of your joint and ease it along so you have a straight seam and a decent looking (not pregnant looking for example) roll.

How To Roll A Joint - Image 9 - Toronto Hemp Company THC
That's about all there is to it. From here you can use a tool to poke the herb into the open end and top it up if it's somewhat lacking, and you can push the paper at the filter end into the filter so it's tidy if you'd like, and you can gently roll the finished joint between your fingers to evenly distribute the herb within. Then all that's left to do is light and enjoy!

One of my personal favorite variations on this theme is the 'rolling on the move' method - little tricks and techniques allowing a real quick preparation and rolling effort which can be accomplished while standing in an awkward situation, having a conversation or even while walking or rollerblading, etc. This method involves knowing how much herb you'll need for your joint and taking the proper amount out of your container (and putting away your container), having a rolling paper ready and in a handy place while your hands are occupied with breaking up the herb (in a shirt pocket or held gently between your lips or two of your left hand fingers for example), putting the quickly and roughly measured amount into your left palm (I'm speaking from the perspective of a right-handed roller here), breaking the herb up using your right hand fingertips, transferring the broken up herb into your right palm, laying the rolling paper flat on your left palm, pouring the herb from right palm into the paper in your left, then completing the roll-lick-stick portion of the process. Once you get the hang of this method, it's truly amazing how quickly and conveniently you can accomplish a decent roll while also being busy with other surprisingly complex tasks.