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Saionara (SZ Crossing) Guide by THC Toronto Hemp Company

Saionara by SZ Crossing Concentrate (Wax / Extract) Vape Quick-Start and Information / User's Guide

The basics apply, for the most part, to Sai (Saionara) Atomizers and also to Sai Top-Air-Flow Atomizers and Sai PLUS Top-Air-Flow atomizers, as well as EZ-Sai (comes with battery) and Poseidon Kits (comes with battery and water filter / bubbler), etc.

Saionara Sai Atomizer at THC Toronto Hemp CompanySai Saionara Atomizer at THC Toronto Hemp Company

Illustrations Above: Sai / Saionara Atomizer Parts - in each of the two pictures -  Left = Base (with adjustable air-flow holes) and screwed-in 'coil' at the top of it; Right = Top 'cover' with removable mouth tip (secured in place with a rubber O-ring).

Sai Saionara Atomizer at THC Toronto Hemp CompanySaionara Sai TAF Top Air Flow Atomizer at THC Toronto Hemp CompanySai PLUS TAF Top Air Flow Saionara Atomizer at THC Toronto Hemp Company

Illustrations Above: Comparison of Sai, Sai TAF and Sai PLUS TAF atomizers. Note that the top of the regular Sai atomizer is smooth and lacking Top-Air-Flow holes and adjustment while knurled hand-grip ridges can be seen at the top of the TAF and PLUS TAF atomizers (just below the mouthpiece) for adjusting air-flow intake holes seen slightly on both sides below the hand-grip knurling)

Sai versus Sai TAF versus Sai PLUS TAF Atomizers:
1) "Sai" / "Saionara" - The original Sai Atomizers are amazing, have Adjustable Air-Flow so that you can vary the amount of air allowed to enter into the atomizer through its base (allowing for tighter more restricted hits or larger more 'airy' hits, based on your preferences) and allow your choice of a TON of different coil options (around 15 at the time of this most recent update to this page in 2019).
2) "Sai TAF" / "Saionara Top Air Flow" - The next version that SZ Crossing came out with, the Sai Top-Air-Flow (TAF) is basically the same design but has a second Air-Flow Adjustment option at the top of the atomizer so that you can vary both the airflow entering the base AND the airflow into the mouthpiece so that you can use all of the original Sai coils AND coils designed specifically for the Top Air Flow Experience (like the awesome TAF Quartz Crucible Coil and Titanium Crucible Coil). The Sai TAF coils don't function in the original Sai Atomizer (except for the Crushed Clapton Stainless Steel Coil that is made to work in both the Sai and Sai TAF atomizers).
3) "Sai PLUS" / "Saionara PLUS Top-Air-Flow" - Released in 2019, the Sai PLUS Top-Air-Flow Atomizer is much larger than the two 'regular size' options (Sai and Sai TAF) and requires its own (also much larger) Sai PLUS TAF coils (and a battery with higher Wattage - up to 50w - than that which is required for the two 'smaller' atomizers - up to 40w). 

How to choose between the above-listed options:People who want to keep things very simple, who don't want to have to make many adjustments or worry about calculations or much experimentation and who are happy with a very basic battery without all kinds of options and without REALLY having to read owner's manuals, etc. (in other words, our 'average' customer) should choose the more basic 'Saionara' ('Sai') atomizer (in whatever color/material they prefer) with one of the more basic 'Saionara' Coils (like the "Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods" coil). These Saionara atomizer options are excellent - they are fully up-to-date technology and are NOT being replaced by the newer 'Sai TAF' atomizer options. They are still 'best sellers' and very likely the most appropriate choice for the majority of our customers. For shoppers who ARE into experimentation, who seek options and truly enjoy customization, those who won't ever be frustrated if their vape isn't set up to simply plug-and-play (press the button and inhale without having to fiddle with anything generally) we recommend the somewhat more complicated 'Sai TAF' models and their slightly expanded set of coil options. For those who want really big hits, 'huge clouds', and are totally cool with using a big (and complicated, fancy, expensive) box-mod power supply / battery might opt for the 'Sai Plus TAF' (while they might also likely be very happy with the 'Sai TAF').

Warning: Avoid damage to your new coils by never excessively 'dry-firing' them (don't press the button on your battery when not actually using the vape with extract loaded) and always adjust the settings on your battery / box-mod BEFORE pressing the button (never risk firing the coil with excessively high settings).

Compatible Batteries: Other than in the 'EZ-Sai' and 'Poseidon' Kits that come with batteries, Sai atomizers come without a battery and so you need to purchase either the Sai Battery (which is actually quite limited in capability and NOT very compatible with the Sai TAF atomizers and coils nor at all compatible with Sai PLUS TAF atomizers & coils) or a suitable 'Box-Mod' battery (aka power supply) to screw your Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF onto. Most box mods will do, but to be safe make sure that yours has 1) a 510-thread attachment (virtually all box-mods do), 2) 'Variable Wattage Mode' with adjustable wattage covering at least the range of 7 watts to 28 watts (7w to 50w for the Sai PLUS Atomizer) so as to work with all possible Saionara coils, and 3) 'Sub-Ohm' operation - meaning that the box can function with coils that have less than 1 Ohm resistance (Saionara coils go as low as .25ohms).

While most Saionara Atomizers and Coils operate best in VW (Variable Wattage) mode, some may ALSO be used in TC (Temperature Control) mode - so for the best experience and flexibility perhaps choose a box-mod that has TC Mode (best if it has TC Stainless Steel - TC SS, TC Nickel - TC Ni, and TC Titanium - TC Ti - modes).

Recommended Batteries Available at THC: Some batteries (aka 'power supplies', aka 'box mods') that we've carried at THC that are compatible and function excellently with Saionara Atomizers include (in order of preference - #1 being our current favorite): 1) Artery Nugget X 50W (for Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF atomizers), 2) ELeaf iPower80W TC (for Sai, Sai TAF or Sai PLUS TAF atomizers), and 3) ELeaf iStick 40W TC (for Sai and Sai TAF but not really powerful enough for Sai PLUS TAF atomizer). Another amazing box mod option, seemingly the 'ultimate' and favorite (with a super cool touch-screen and every option possible) is the Vaporesso Luxe line - available in a 220W and a 'Nano' 80W versions. 

Sai Battery ("EZ-Sai" / "Poseidon Kit" Battery): The Sai Battery that is available separately and comes in the EZ-Sai (and Poseidon) Kits operates quite simply and how you might expect it to if you have had any experience with other single-button vape batteries with temperature options - 5 quick button-presses to turn on, then three button presses to change temperature / option, hold down the button to 'fire' the coil and vaporize, and again 5 quick button-presses to turn off the power supply.

The four 'Watt / TC' options, denoted on the Sai Battery with four differently colored LEDs, are:
- 1) "WATT" Mode: the battery has a fixed Voltage of 2.8v (So with a different, Variable Wattage, box-mod battery you can vary the wattage to experience different heat levels but with this Sai Battery you get just the one heat level that corresponds with 2.8V on the 'Watt' setting).
- 2), 3) and 4) "Ti 380°F", "Ti 420°F", and "Ti 460°F" Modes : for at least the Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods Sai coil that is properly compatible with TC Ti (Temperature Control Titanium wire) on the Sai Battery, these three options allow for three different temperatures so that you can experiment and see what you prefer - maybe start low at 380°F for 'tasty low-temperature dabbing' and finish high at 460°F to squeeze the most bang out of your extract buck.

Coils That Work With The Sai Battery: The Sai Battery that comes with the EZ-Sai / Poseidon Kits (and is available separately) works best with the Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods Coil - this coil allows you to use the Sai Battery in Watt OR TC modes. The other coil that comes with the EZ-Sai Kits is the Twist Kanthal Wire 4mm Quartz Rod Coil, which works great with the Sai Battery but only in Watt mode. These two coils work best with the Sai Battery. Other coils that work with the Sai Battery (but again only in Watt mode) include: Titanium Wire Dual 2mm Quartz Rods, Crushed Clapton Stainless Steel, and all 4mm rod coils (Stainless Steel Wire 4mm Black Ceramic Rod, Stainless Steel Wire 4mm Quartz Rod, Twist Kanthal Wire 4mm Black Ceramic Rod and Twist Kanthal Wire 4mm Quartz Rod). Our understanding is that the other Sai coils (and definitely all of the Sai TAF and Sai Plus TAF coils) do NOT work with the Sai Battery. The single 2mm rod coils will run too hot as their resistance is too low, and the Ceramic Barrel and Donut coils also are not good on the Sai Battery (resistance too high).

Coil Options! One of the greatest things about the Saionara Atomizers (on top of the sheer awesome quality of their manufacturer and function) is their amazing array of available coils. Please note that 'regular' Sai coils can be used in 'regular' Sai (and Sai Top-Air-Flow TAF) atomizers, Sai Top-Air-Flow (TAF) coils can only be used in Sai Top-Air-Flow (TAF) atomizers, and Sai PLUS TAF coils can only be used in Sai PLUS TAF atomizers, generally. Here are a few options you might want to try!

Saionara Atomizer Coils (work in Sai or Sai TAF Atomizers):
- Ceramic Barrel A - 0.5ohm - Recommended Power: 7w-15w or TC SS (Stainless Steel) Mode, Better For Wax
- Ceramic Barrel B - 0.5ohm - Recommended Power: 7w-15w or TC SS (Stainless Steel) Mode, Better For Thick Oil
- Ceramic Donut Coil - 0.7ohm - Recommended Power: 22w or 300F TC SS (Stainless Steel)
- Clapton Wire 2mm Quartz Rod (thinner wire wrapped around a thicker wire to maximize surface area - like a guitar string, hence 'Clapton') - 0.65ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w or TC SS (Stainless Steel)
- Crushed Clapton Stainless Steel - 0.32ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w (also works in Sai Top-Air-Flow Atomizer) 
- Stainless Steel Wire 2mm Black Ceramic Rod - 0.25ohm - Recommended Power: 15w or 330F TC SS (Stainless Steel)
- Stainless Steel Wire 4mm Black Ceramic Rod - 0.3ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w
- Stainless Steel Wire 2mm Quartz Rod - 0.25ohm - Recommended Power: 15w or 330F TC SS (Stainless Steel)
- Stainless Steel Wire 4mm Quartz Rod - 0.3ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w
- Titanium Wire Dual 2mm Quartz Rods - 0.45ohm - Recommended Power: 25w or 440F TC Ti (Titanium)
- (NEW 2019/10) Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Black Ceramic Rods - 0.31ohm - Recommended Power: 20w-25w or 350F-400F TC Ti (Titanium)
Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods - 0.31ohm - Recommended Power: 20w-25w or 350F-400F TC Ti (Titanium)
- Twist Kanthal Wire 2mm Black Ceramic Rod (Dual Ribbon - Two Flat Ribbons of Kanthal Wire Twisted Around a Black Ceramic Rod) - 0.25ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w
- Twist Kanthal Wire 4mm Black Ceramic Rod - 0.3ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w
- Twist Kanthal Wire 2mm Quartz Rod (Dual Ribbon - Two Flat Ribbons of Kanthal Wire Twisted Around a Quartz Rod) - 0.25ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w or TC SS (Stainless Steel)
- Twist Kanthal Wire 4mm Quartz Rod - 0.3ohm - Recommended Power: 15w-25w

Saionara Top-Air-Flow (TAF) Coils (work only in Sai TAF Atomizer):
- Quartz Bucket for Sai TAF - 0.45ohm-0.55ohm - Recommended Power: 25w or 430F-450F TC Ni (Nickel)
- Titanium Bucket for Sai TAF - 0.6ohm-0.8ohm - Recommended Power: 24w-28w or 400F-450F TC Ni (Nickel)
- All "Saionara Atomizer Coils" (the list above this one) function in Saionara Top-Air-Flow (TAF) Atomizers, but it should be noted that the Crushed Clapton Stainless Steel Coil is specifically made for use in the Saionara Top-Air-Flow (TAF) Atomizer (as well as the regular Sai Atomizer). 

Note from a helpful customer: "I read that 'For the Sai TAF Titanium Bucket Coil and Quartz Bucket Coil, we recommend TCR #315, 380F, .68-72ohm locked, at 38watt. If your mod does not have TCR numbers, we recommend using TC on Ni-200, 38watts, 380F, .68-72ohm locked resistance.' - Which is great but I tweaked it to TC on Ni-200, .35watts, 350F, .68ohm locked resistance which makes q-tipping much easier, makes atomizer less hot and tastes better throughout the dose especially with bigger dose."

Saionara PLUS TAF (Top-Air-Flow) Coils (work only in Sai PLUS TAF Atomizer):
- Ceramic Donut 13mm for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.45ohm-0.55ohm - Recommended Power: 20w-25w
- Kanthal Wire 5mm Quartz Rod for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.45ohm - Recommended Power: 25w-30w
- Quartz Bucket for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.45ohm-0.55ohm - Recommended Power: 45w-50w or 400F-500F TC Ni (Nickel)
- Stainless Steel Wire 5mm Quartz Rod for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.29ohm - Recommended Power: 25w-30w 
- Titanium Bucket for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.45ohm-0.55ohm - Recommended Power: 45w-50w or 400F-500F TC Ni (Nickel)
- Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Black Ceramic Rods for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.3ohm-0.35ohm - Recommended Power: 30w-35w or 350F-400F TC Ti (Titanium)
- Titanium Wire Triple 2mm Quartz Rods for Sai PLUS TAF - 0.3ohm-0.35ohm - Recommended Power: 30w-35w or 350F-400F TC Ti (Titanium)

Quartz Rods (2mm or 4mm) - Offers clean, hard hits, can be cleaned back to like new condition, lasts longer.
Black Ceramic Rods (2mm or 4mm) - Larger hits, keep the ceramic saturated/coated to slow it from breaking down.

4mm (and 5mm) rod coils give bigger clouds than 2mm rod coils

How to Use your Saionara: 
- Setup your atomizer: Choose your coil and screw it firmly into your Sai atomizer (unscrew and remove the coil that's already in there if there is one)
- Screw your Sai atomizer firmly onto your box-mod battery's 510-thread connector
- Attach your atomizer to your power supply / battery: Turn your box-mod battery on and adjust the power level to your desired wattage setting, determined with the recommendations above taken into account.
- 'Burn-Off': If you are using a new, never-fired, coil then it might be best to burn off any residual oils/materials from the manufacturing or your insertion process (not that there should be any really) by 'dry-firing' the coil for MAXIMUM 5 seconds.
- Load: 'dab' your desired dosage/quantity of wax / oil onto the coil: for most coils just place a dab of oil/wax/shatter onto the top-center of the coil. For Ceramic Barrel B Coil try to get it right into the slot on the top-center of the coil.
- Pre-Heat: especially if you're using either of the Ceramic Barrel Coils, press your battery's fire button for 1-3 seconds to 'wick' some of the wax/oil into the ceramic layers in the coil. 
- Enjoy! - raise your Saionara Atomizer Mouthpiece to your lips, press and hold the fire button for 5-10 seconds while inhaling deeply. Personal preferences vary of course.
- Repeat: Depending on how much concentrate you loaded into your atomizer, and how large a hit you take, you may get another hit or more before having to re-load more concentrate into your atomizer.
- Air-Flow: Experiment with your air-flow adjustment (or both air-flow adjustments for the TAF and PLUS TAF Atomizer models) - turn the adjustment to reveal more or fewer air-holes and allow more or less air-flow.

Cleaning your Saionara Atomizer:
- unscrew your atomizer from your battery, putting your battery aside safely away from any cleaning products.
- disassemble your Saionara atomizer - remove the mouthpiece, cover, and the coil from the atomizer's base.
- remove any rubber pieces (o-rings) from the parts.
- pour 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol (or your preferred alcohol cleaner) into a glass, cup or bowl preferably sized as small as reasonably possible to fit your items-to-be-cleaned and enough alcohol to completely submerge the soak-able parts.
- Submerge the parts (generally all except for the battery and rubber o-rings, but also be careful with electronic-conducting parts and parts with rubber like the atomizer base and coil screw-in parts) and let soak for as long as you desire.
- Use q-tips or similar cleaning accessory to quickly clean parts you don't want to soak (battery connection, atomizer base, electronic coil parts) as desired.
- Shake and/or wipe off alcohol and let parts dry for a while.
- Reassemble your atomizer, hopefully just about as good as new!

Poseidon Bubbler Kit:
Basically all of the above applies to the Sai Poseidon Kit, except you'll also be enjoying your vapor water-filtered and -chilled - so you should add a logical amount of water (start by testing small variations to determine your prefer water-level, device angle and strength-of-inhale range for optimal performance and to avoid sucking water into your mouth, with fresh, clean water and bubbler before actually loading and using your Poseidon).

The carb-cap dabber is a multi-function piece - you use the sharp 'dabber' end to 'dab' a little concentrate onto your coil and then flip the carb-cap dabber around and use the round flat part that fits onto your Poseidon Bubbler overtop of the coil to vary and direct the air-flow and make for a better overall experience!

Of course, when appropriate you will want to also clean the bubbler and carb-cap dabber as part of your cleaning routine, as well as your other Sai parts. Similarly we recommend 99% isopropyl alcohol or similar, soaking and possibly (safely) applying heat (do not risk igniting your flammable alcohol) to help clean your glass parts.

Poseidon Bubbler for Saionara PLUS Top-Air-Flow (Sai Plus TAF) atomizer - available from late-May 2019, there's now a larger Poseidon Bubbler made to fit the Sai Plus TAF atomizer. SZ Crossing has also released a new Heat Sink to fit the Plus... So basically, the current 'best of everything' kit (for those who truly enjoy experimentation, customization and options) might include:
- Vaporesso Luxe 220W Box Mod (and the 18650 batteries needed to power it)
- Sai Plus TAF Heat Sink
- Sai Plus TAF Atomizer
- Sai Plus TAF Coils of various types (especially Quartz Cup / Crucible)
- Poseidon Bubbler Kit for Sai Plus TAF
Now THAT is a setup that would be envied by anyone who knows anything!

Compatibility with other systems: It's important to note that some Saionara / SZ Crossing products are compatible with products made, branded and/or marketed by other companies. For example, the Poseidon PLUS Bubbler mentioned just above also fits onto other vaporizing systems such as the BBVapesBrand TRVP (TRAP) Atomizer RDA (Rebuildable Drip) system, with the available rubber O-ring sized to perfectly integrate the two systems. Our Sai Bubblers will also fit certain other atomizers and/or vaporizers - feel free to inquire with us at if you'd like us to do a quick test to see if any particular Sai product is compatible with any other product that you may be considering attempting to combine with it. We'll endeavor to list more working combinations here as time goes on. Some companies sell systems that are extremely similar to, and made of possibly interchangeably compatible parts with, some Saionara / SZ Crossing items. For example, the Pulsar Hell Fire and Barb Fire systems seem to be simply or virtually Saionara "clones" that seem to have at least somewhat interchangeable / compatible parts and options.


Saionara Sai Poseidon Bubbler Kit

Article by Dom, THC Toronto Hemp Company - If you have any suggestions, additions, etc. please email