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Awesome Vape-Pen options for WAX, and for Thick-Oil!

Awesome Vape-Pen options for WAX, and for Thick-Oil!

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Our guide and recommendations for 'wax pens' and 'thick oil vapes' and 'CBD vaporizers' - for beginners to experts and everyone else!

Vape Pen Options for wax and thick oil and cbd etc

There are 'weed vapes' (vaporizers), there are 'liquid vapes' (for e-juice, sometimes referred to as 'e-cigarettes'), and then there are 'vape pens'. Vape pens are generally designed for use with either 'wax' (more solid concentrate - aka and including shatter, rosin, dabs, etc.) or 'thick oil' (more liquid concentrate, somewhat varying in thickness / viscosity - aka and including 'dab mixes', distillate, CBD oil, etc.). 

Many pens come or can be used as a 2-in-1 kit - where the same battery can be attached to either a 'wax tank / atomizer' or a 'thick oil tank / atomizer' - having you covered whether you happen to have or buy one type of 'concentrate' or another. 

Generally, a 'wax pen' has a 'coil' (or a coil-less atomizer) into which you would put a small quantity of concentrate, enough to give you a good few solid 'hits' before you have to re-pack concentrate into your pen / atomizer. A 'thick oil pen' instead generally holds a more sizable quantity of concentrate, allowing you to have a more substantial amount packed at a time and therefore more time and easy travel with your pen before having to re-load it. 

At THC (Toronto Hemp Company), we carry a huge assortment of all kinds of concentrate devices - from those that cost only a few dollars and are very small with only one temperature setting, a very simple button interface and very little in the way of options, accessories and/or expansion, all the way up to extremely expensive and intricate 'dab devices' with many temperature settings ('variable voltage'), fancy and impressive construction, material and design, and any number of add-on accessories and options with which you can use your imagination and configure and enjoy in just about any way your heart desires - and then everything else in between! 

Here are just a few of the 'vape pens' that we currently have available, and that we recommend and feel are excellent options, for a wide range of reasons, uses and budgets.

1. Airistech Vertex W3 Wax Vape Pen Kit - $11.95 -
- This is a truly amazing deal!! It's easily the best (and really the only) pen we've found that is this useful and enjoyable - and so far reliable - at this amazingly low a price! Comes with everything you need to start dabbing: Battery with matching wax atomizer, and charger. How can you go wrong with one, or ten, of these Airistech Vertex W3s at this price!? And of course you can also purchase the Vertex W3 Battery, or it's slightly larger variable-voltage cousin, AND more wax atomizers or compatible thick-oil atomizers separately and with similarly amazing savings! (

2. Airistech Mystica 2-in-1 Variable Voltage Nested Magnetic Pen Kit for Wax AND Thick Oil - $24.95 -
- Wow, another incredible deal by Airistech! For so low a price, you get an incredibly small and portable 'nested' (meaning that the cartridge nests inside of or alongside the battery instead of attaching on top of it, making for a much shorter overall length) vape pen set that comes with some HUGE advantages, including having 3 different temperature settings and coming with two different atomizers - allowing you to use this amazing pen with either wax or thick oil, right out of the box. The magnetic adapter rings mean that you don't screw the atomizers into the battery at all, you instead screw the magnetic adapters onto your atomizers and then can 'snap' either your wax, or your thick oil, atomizer into your battery in a split second! More atomizers and magnetic rings are of course available separately - we carry a huge array of very cool accessories for all of our vape devices here at THC! We also carry a whole bunch of other Airistech devices that are super affordable and functional - take a quick look by searching for Airistech - 

3. Herbal Therapy Canada Spark! and Puma Variable Voltage Batteries, Atomizers and Kits - Starting at $15.95 for a Spark! twist battery and $44.95 for a Puma Variable Voltage Nested Battery and Thick Oil Tank Kit -
These are simply excellent little devices, very high quality and reliable function backed by a truly excellent and trustworthy Canadian manufacturing and design company! 

4. Yocan Evolve, EvolvePlus, EvolvePlusXL, Magneto, Loaded, Hive, etc.! - From $34.95 -
We started the Canadian Yocan craze a whole long time ago now, and it isn't dying down anytime soon! For a few years now, Yocan has been the 'best bang for your buck' vape pen manufacturer - alongside pens that cost 2, 3, even 4 times as much as these great units, the Yocan product line has proven a real winner containing a whole lot of no-brainers! Our favorites: the EvolvePlus and Magneto are wax pens with which you simply can't go wrong, and the rest of the Yocan wax pen line is similarly excellent especially for their relatively low prices! If a thick-oil option is on your horizon, then the Hive 2.0 is a great Variable-Voltage Nested Magnetic option that can be used with either wax or thick oil atomizers at your convenience! 

Kandy Pen Rubi


5. And then come the fancy stuff! Whether it's a KandyPen Rubi (which can handle thick oil all the way to e-juice type liquid in the same cartridge), an Airistech Headbanger (a pretty unique two-in-one 'Dip and Dab' wax device), a Vivant DaBox (very cool and unique side-loading handheld) or some of the premium pens like the KandyPen Prism or Prism Plus ('no glues, wicks or dyes', medical grade electroplated stainless steel), Puffco Pro or Plus ('pressure-sealed coil-less ceramic bowl'), or one of the many Source Vapes options (14 different atomizers!) - all super high-quality wax pens each with unique benefits and features and all costing substantially more than those further north on this list - THC has an incredible array of the best names in the dab pen industry - a ton of award-winners with crazy options!


Thick Oil Vape


6. And then there are a ton of other awesome wax and thick oil vape options not mentioned here - we would not have them in-store or on our website if we didn't have good reason to - great items from great companies like Dr. Dabber, Pendora, Longmada, OPen, Pulsar, Shatter Blaster, Shatterizer, XVape, and so many others!

7. And let's end this list with the 'ultimate' portable dab devices, shall we!? We're talking about some of the crazy battery-powered while fully-functional e-nail replacement monsters like the PuffCo Peak and Dr. Dabber Switch... you'll just have to check them out, but don't be too shocked by their prices!! Ohhhh yeah!! -

Portable Dab Devices