Airistech Slim Oil Tank VE10 2mm 1ml Silver Metal 10/pack QCELL (Q-CELL Quartz Frit)

Airistech Slim Oil Tank VE10 THC 1ml Silver & Glass 10/pack QCELL (Q-CELL Quartz Frit)




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Airistech Slim Oil Tank VE10 2.0mm Oil Intake Hole "THC" 1.2-1.3ohm Resistance 1ml 10/pack 510-Thread Silver w/ Metal Tip QCELL (Q-CELL Quartz Frit) Technology Atomizer / Cartidge / Coil

VE10 Model Slim Oil Tank
510-thread Connection
Auto (Buttonless) Battery Compatible
QCELL (Q-CELL Quartz Frit) Atomizer Technology
THC (Thicker Oil) 2.0mm Oil Hole - 1.2-1.3ohm Resistance Version
2.5mm Air-Flow Size
1ml Capacity
Silver w/ Metal Mouth Tip
10 Cartridges per Box

Also Available in Singles - See Separate Listing

Not exactly as pictured - 1.2mm Oil Intake Hole 'CBD' Glass Mouth Tip version pictured. These are basically the same except with a metal mouth-tip.

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