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Amy Deluxe Hookah Bohemian Cut Choice of Color

Amy Deluxe Hookah Bohemian Cut Choice of Color

Amy Deluxe Bohemian Cut S is 101.01 / 101/02

The new  AMY 101.01/101.02 "Bohemian Cut".

The  scope of delivery of the AMY 101.01/101.02 includes:

Stone tobacco head with hot screen
Ground adapter with ball joint
2 connections
Thick-walled glass bowl
Silicone hose & aluminum mouthpiece
Mouthpiece holder made of plastic
Integrated diffuser
Additional coal protection
The "closed chamber" system enables easy blowing and direct tightening
Smoke column wood outside, stainless steel inside

Amy Deluxe: Overview
If you are someone crazy for hookahs, then you must have heard of Amy Deluxe. We are a renowned shisha brand from Germany and have goodwill beyond all borders. We, at Amy Deluxe, have been working hard to offer exceptional innovations in the hookah world which have earned us a huge brand popularity and acceptance among the global hookah-smoking community. It is our matchless expertise and ground-breaking creations that took our name “Amy Deluxe” to a new height. We deeply believe that high-quality materials make a big difference in our innovative creations. Thanks to that, we have been able to come up with an extensive line of brilliant hookahs and hookah accessories. We are sure Amy Deluxe Hookahs are going to make a big difference in all of your upcoming hookah sessions. A huge collection of hookahs of several styles, and features, followed by accessories like the hose, ash catcher, electric coal heater. Set up a session with an elite Amy Deluxe Hookah and you will never prefer any other setup. You will be excited to check out our exquisite innovative line of Amy Deluxe hookahs and learn some of our key features here, so, make sure you stick with us till the end.

AMY Deluxe Hookahs
Hookah, nargile, arguile, or water pipe; it is identified in so many names. The history of hookahs dates back into the 15th century. Since then, it has evolved a lot and became a new trend. What was a cultural tradition back then, is now a popular way to relax and socialize. Depending on the time and hookah-lovers’ requirements, hookah is now available in several styles and designs. We have made great progress in the last two decades in manufacturing some out-of-the-box hookahs. Each of our Amy Deluxe hookahs has another great patented feature - all of them have a patented click system with a multi-chamber system that makes these shishas unique and exclusive.

AMY Deluxe is a leading brand of hookah and shisha in the world. For over two decades, AMY Deluxe has wowed shisha enthusiasts with their hookah sets, tobacco flavors and hookah accessories.

Why should you buy an Amy Deluxe hookah?
✔ AMY Deluxe hookahs are complete sets.
✔ AMY Deluxe hookahs are durable and of premium quality.
✔ AMY Deluxe hookahs come with a long-term comprehensive guarantee.
✔ Many hookah models are compatible with accessories, such as molasses catchers, multiple hose adapters, and more.

An Introduction to Hookahs
Hookah or shisha has several alternate names, such as nargile, chicha, arguile and water pipe. The origin of hookah or shisha can be traced back to the 15th century. Smoking a shisha was a pastime and it became a social activity. Over the centuries, shisha smoking became integral to hospitality, socializing and community gatherings throughout the Arab world. The modern hookah as we know it today is also a social and cultural activity. The new millennium has witnessed the emergence and growing popularity of hookah lounges. They have become hotspots for young adults and also professionals. Friends, colleagues and social groups meet at hookah lounges, relax and unwind, hang out and chat, have fun and enjoy a plethora of hookah shisha flavors.
Many prefer to smoke their shisha at home and buy a shisha, tobacco and shisha accessories. The hookah material is an important factor, because stainless steel hookahs are considered the gold standard due to their durability. Water pipes made of aluminum or acrylic hookahs are good for traveling.
Shisha enthusiasts like to smoke at home too. Whether a beginner or a veteran, you can buy a hookah, some flavour and enjoy smoking from the comfort of your home. We prioritize the best materials for our hookah products, whether it is stainless steel for the hookah stem that is known for its sturdiness and longevity, or the plethora of quality accessories that work efficiently and stand the test of time.
Shisha accessories are just as important for the pleasure of hookahs as the right brand of tobacco. Whether coal, lighter, hose, adapter, tobacco head set - the range of accessories from and compatible with AMY Deluxe leaves nothing to be desired.
Shisha tobacco, also referred to as hookah flavors, is the singularly most important factor after you have a hookah set along with hookah charcoal.

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 Stock # 41434 Blue
 Stock # 41435 Purple