Anden Digital Dehumidifier Controller A76 for 200 / 300 Pints

Anden Digital Dehumidifier Controller A76 for 200 / 300 Pints


Anden Dehumidifiers


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Anden Digital Dehumidifier Controller A76 for 200 / 300 Pints

The Model A76 digital control communicates with your dehumidifier, allowing you to control the operation of the unit from a distance. Using an on board sensor, the dehumidifier control monitors the relative humidity in the space in which it is located and displays the measured relative humidity on the digital display.

This is a wired control unit that must be hardwired to your dehumidifier.


Input voltage and current: voltage: 24 VAC +/20% - current: 25mA (nominal), 50mA (max) at 24VAC
Output: Dry contact, normally open

Control range: 40%-80% RH
Accuracy: +/-5% RH
Differential: 3% RH
Low limit: 40°F dew point
High limit: 99°F dry bulb

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