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Arizer ArGo (Arizer Go) Vaporizer Complete Starter Kit

Arizer ArGo (Arizer Go) Vaporizer Complete Starter Kit

We're pretty confident that this vape belongs right near the top of the THC Favorite Vaporizers List! The only problem with it is that it's getting real hard to pick between all of the awesome portable vaporizers from Arizer!!! Thankfully, whether you grab the Solo2, Air2 or ArGo (etc.), you can't go wrong with an Arizer vaporizer - they are just excellent!

Short for “Arizer Go”, the ArGo is meticulously engineered in an innovative, powerful, and ultra-compact design.

Ready, Set, Go.

Ultimate Portability
Go Discreetly. Go Farther. Go Longer. Go Prepared.

Go The Distance
All the power you need with High Capacity, Rechargeable,
Interchangeable Batteries (shared with the Air2), USB charging & Use While Charging.

The Arizer Way
Simple and easy to use. Pure and Tasty Vapor. Maintenance Free.

Go with Confidence
Built to last with only the highest quality components.
Backed by  a limited 2-year warranty & Industry Leading Customer Service.

1 x ArGo Portable Micro-Heater
1 x ArGo Battery
1 x ArGo USB Charger /Power Adapter
2 x ArGo Glass Aroma Tube
1 x ArGo Belt-Clip Carry Case
2 x ArGo Silicone Stem Caps
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
4 x Stainless Steel Filter Screens
1 x Owners Manual

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