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AUXO Cira (By CCELL) E-Rig Dab Device Concentrate Vaporizer Precise Temperature Control

AUXO Cira (By CCELL) E-Rig Dab Device Concentrate Vaporizer (Vape) W/ Precise Temperature Control


Precise temperature control vaporizer for concentrates.

Heating range of 450-1000℉, catering to the most discerning vapers.
Precise temperature control powered by AUXO Heating Wire Technology.*
OLED display for customizing needs.
20-second pre-heat for shorter preparation time.
Dual 2200mAh powerful batteries.
Extended heating mode for longer enjoyment.

Made to be enjoyed
Precise temperature control, long-lasting battery life, and a design tailored to your needs. We created “that rig” for you so that you can create moments to remember.

Precise Temperature Control
Powered by AUXO’s innovative Heating Wire Technology*, Cira delivers unrivaled heating uniformity for every session to be more balanced, consistent and controlled. Cira offers a heating range of 450 – 1000℉, allowing you to be in full control of the temperature. Say goodbye to choosing standard heat settings and customize your experience with more precision.

*Pat. Pending

Extended Heating Mode
Cira’s extended heating mode feature enables you to keep the heat temperature and extend your sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle.
This function comes in handy if you want a temperature boost or to share with friends. Now you can add as many 15s during mid-cycle as you wish to extend the session. The trick is simple - double click the + button within 10s of the heating countdown.

Long-lasting Battery
Cira comes with powerful dual 2200mAh batteries that support more than 30 sessions* when fully charged. Set the charger aside, relax, and vape away.

*Each standard session is 50 seconds without extension.
Designed Around Your Needs
A more comfortable grip comes from a more thoughtful design. Cira was crafted with a distinctive anti-scalding wave design, heat-resistant materials and user-friendly features to offer the safest and most enjoyable experience. The OLED monitor displays temperature and battery life so that you are accurately updated on your Cira's status at a glance.

Product Specs

- Dimensions: 129.8(H) × 76.2(W) × 59.5(D) mm (Cira Device and Charging Base only)
- Weight: 340g (Cira Device and Charging Base only)
- Screen: OLED Screen

- Glass Piece: Borosilicate Glass
- Heating Chamber: Titanium and Quartz
- Battery Housing: Aluminum Alloy
- Charging Base: Zinc Alloy

Heating Chamber
- Compatible with: Concentrates
- Heat-Up Time: 20-Seconds
- Temperature Range: 450 – 1000 ℉(232-538 ̊C)

- Battery Life: 30-Session Use*
- Battery Type: Lithium Battery
- Charging Time: 150 Minutes
- Capacity: 2200mAh/7.4v

*Calculation based on standard 50-second sessions.

How to Use the AUXO Cira -
How to Clean the AUXO Cira -

AUXO Cira Product Manual -

1. Where can I find the product serial number?
The product QR code is printed on its product packaging. Scan the product QR code to find your device’s serial number.

2. How to charge Cira?
Put your Cira on the charging base, connect the cable’s DC connector end to the charging base and the USB end to the power adapter. Alternatively, connect the DC connector end directly to the device itself and the USB end to the power adapter.

The OLED display will show the battery level of your device.

3. Can Cira be used while charging?
For safety measures, it is not recommended to use Cira while the device is charging.

4. My Cira isn’t charging.
There are a few ways to assess the situation. You can try with another USB power adapter or connect the charging cable directly to Cira and check whether it is charging. If your Cira still isn’t charging with the aforementioned methods, you may submit a warranty claim if you purchased the product from the AUXO official website or authorized offline store within 2 years.

5. My Cira isn’t producing vapor.
Try the following methods first:
• Make sure the unit has enough electricity.
• Ensure the heating chamber is properly screwed onto the top of the Cira base, with no gaps or cracks in it. Also check for any residue build up inside the heating chamber – this must be cleaned out after every use.
• Turn Cira base off and let the chamber cool down to room temperature. Unscrew the chamber and screw it back onto Cira base and turn device on again.
• If your Cira still produces no vapor, email the AUXO customer support team with images of the inside of the heating chamber and a short video or image of the error message on the LED display. We will do our best to troubleshoot or provide alternative solutions for you.

6. How to operate Cira?
• Turn on/off: To turn the device on and off, press "⊙" button for 2 seconds.
• The device will turn off automatically under the following circumstances:
1. When no activities are detected in 10 minutes or longer.
2. Once the session ends and displays “Time Out” on the OLED display.
• Adjusting temperature: When the device is on, press +/- to adjust the temperature. The temperature range is from 450 – 1000℉ (232-538 ̊C) and each press adjusts 10 ̊F at a time.
• Start Heating: After setting the preferred temperature, press the “⊙” button twice to start heating.
• Extended heating mode:When your session enters the last 10 seconds, you can extend the heating time for another 15 seconds by double pressing "+" button. You can extend for as many times as you wish once the session is at its last 10 seconds.

Each Cira package comes with a user manual, check the manual for detailed illustrations and instructions. You can also download the user manual here.

7. Can I insert herb into Cira?
Herbs are not supported for vaporization, Cira is specifically designed for vaporizing concentrates.

8. What does "No Nail" on the display mean?
The heating chamber has not been connected to Cira or the inside line of the heating chamber is oxidized or broken.

9. What does “Time Out” on the display mean?
Time Out will show whenever the session is over. The device will shut down automatically after the message displays.

10. What does “Temp Out” on the display mean?
When the device temperature is detected to be too high during the heating process, the device will shut down will protect from overheating. Temp Out message will show for 1 second before it shuts down. Once the device cools down, normal usage can be resumed.

11. How do I clean Cira?
Cleaning the heating chamber:
• If there are residues, heat empty chamber to clean it.
• Let the chamber cool down to room temperature. Remove the chamber with twisting motion and drop into 99% isopropyl alcohol completely.
• After a few minutes, take chamber out and clean it with cotton swabs. Let dry completely before use.

Cleaning the glass piece:
• Pour 99% isopropyl alcohol into the glass piece and let sit for a few minutes.
• Shake glass piece gently before pouring alcohol out to clean residues. Clean glass piece with cotton swabs.
• Rinse the glass piece with water. Let dry completely before use.

Note: Cleaning and maintenance must NOT be performed before the device is turned off and cools down to room temperature.

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