AVD Glass (Refillable Screw-On Tip) 1.0ml White Tip 2.0mm Slim Vape Tank

AVD Glass 1.0ml White Tip Slim Vape Tank


Advanced Vapor Devices (AVD)


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AVD Glass (Refillable Screw-On Tip) 1.0ml White Tip 2.0mm Aperture (Oil Intake Hole) Slim Vape Tank

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Porous ceramic for absorbing extracts.
Unique chemical resistance in both acidic and alkaline conditions.
Amazing erosion resistance which leads to a longer lifespan.
Designed to withstand the highest temperatures.

Toronto Hemp Company (THC) is an authorized retailer of superior AVD products. AVD was founded with the goal of designing and producing premium oil cartridges at affordable prices.  With vast experience in the medicinal and recreational oil industry, members of the AlderEgo Group (AEG) saw a significant gap between cheap and unreliable vape pen components and products that were high quality, but prohibitively expensive.

From this disparity, AVD was created with the goal of offering premium vape pen components at affordable prices.  Through unique research and the input of industry veterans in manufacturing, engineering, and sales, AVD was able to develop products that offer consistent and reliable performance and taste.  With a failure rate of under 0.001%, these superior parts are certain to keep customers happy and provide the best possible platform for enjoying the oils sold at your dispensary.

Filling Instructions:
Failure to follow these instructions may result in cartidge leaking or poor performance.
0.5ml cartridges have an overall length of 35mm and 1.0ml cartridges have an overall length of 45.8mm
1. Insert a blunt tipped needle (14ga or smaller) into the space between the center airway tube and the outer wall of the cartridge to fill.
2. Do not fill above the bottom of the metal collar on the open end of the cartridge. Caution: do not allow oil to enter the center airway tube. Do not overfill. If the cartridge is overfilled, fluid will be forced through the atomizer and leak out of the bottom of the cartridge when the mouthpiece is inserted. When the needle is withdrawn, do not allow fluid to drip into the inner surface of the cartridge where the mouthpiece is to be inserted. Fluid on this surface may act as a lubricant reducing retention of the mouthpiece.
3. Immediately after filling, insert the mouthpiece and screw it in reasonably but not overly tight.
Caution: failure to insert the mouthpiece immediately after filling may cause leakage.
4. Cartridges should be allowed to stand 30 minutes before use. During this time, fluid is priming the atomizer. The rate that the atomizer saturates is dependent upon the viscosity of the fluid. More viscous fluids will require more time. Extra-thick oil may require up to 24 hours or longer for proper saturation. Failure to properly prime the atomizer can result in a detrimental effect on flavor, damage to the atomizer, and leaking.
5. Make sure you are using the correct aperture setting. This depends on the viscosity of the oil.

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