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Beamer Candle Co. Smoke Killer Collection Ahhhh, That's Fresh 4oz Glass Mason Jar Candle

Beamer Candle Co. Smoke Killer Collection Ahhhh, That's Fresh 4oz Glass Mason Jar Candle

Product Overview

Smoke Killer Collection Candles

Candles from Beamer Smoke Killer Collections contain special enzymes that actually work to break down and eliminate bad smells, rather than just covering them up. Each candle comes in a reusable 4oz glass mason jar with a metal lid and a lead-free wick.

Candle Features:
Size: 4oz
Lead-Free Wick
Soy Blended Wax
22 Hour Burn Time
Reusable Glass Mason Jar
Smoke Killer Collection by Beamer Candle Co.

What's in the Box:
1x - Beamer Candle Co. 4oz Glass Mason Jar - Ahhhh, That's Fresh

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