Bee Line Original Organic Hemp Wick Spool 200ft Ball

Bee Line Original Organic Hemp Wick Spool


Bee Line


Bee Line Original Organic Hemp Wick Spool 200ft Ball

A Spool contains 200’ of organic beeline hemp string

The Spool is one of our favorite products. Great for personal use and contains 200’(the same as in a case or 21 individual beeline packs).

A great thing about the Spool is that you can cut off a few feet for friends or to wrap around different lighters. We keep a lighter wrapped with bee line in the car, one on the coffee table and one in the backpack.

Beeline is an organic, logical alternative to butane lighters and matches.

Bee Line uses only organic hemp string, dipped in organic bees wax.

Beeline is a multi-purpose product, made from two ancient renewable resources straight from Mother Nature.

We recommend the thick spool for water pipes.


BEELINE 100% Organic Hemp Wick
Beeline is a natural, organic alternative to butane lighters and matches.

Beeline combines two ancient, renewable resources, hemp and beeswax, for an all-natural, higher quality flame.

Beeline is used to light medicinal herbs, pipes, fine cigars, and hand rolled tobacco cigarettes.
Beeline is the "connaisseurs choice" because it retains high quality flavor.

Beeline is also easier on the earth and you, it does require an external flame (candles work great when convenient). Lighters also work great, but please let Beeline take the butane hit for you.

Never inhale butane gas and flint directly from a lighter. Skip the stinky chemicals released from matches altogether.

All bee line's packs, display boxes and literature is printed on recycled and, or hemp paper.

Take caution once you ignite your Beeline and ALWAYS SAFELY EXTINGUISH

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