BENT Glass C11-B Stemless Compact 13" Tall 32-38mm Cyclone (Triple Hurricane) 14mm Male

BENT Glass WaterPipe - Stemless C11-B Compact Cyclone (Triple Hurricane) 19mm Male Sale


Bent Glass

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BENT Glass WaterPipe - Stemless C11-B Compact 13" Tall 32-38mm Diameter Tube Cyclone (Triple Hurricane) 14mm Male Joint & Dome

Please NOTE! While these are on Clearance SALE for an incredibly reduced price, they will not necessarily come with the bowl or downstem pictured - our Bent Glass distributor has been sending Bents that have different downstems than those which we generally expect and show in our photos. So if you do want to purchase one of these awesome deals, please expect that the bowl and downstem might likely not be what's pictured.

Bent Cyclone / Hurricane Water Test Video:

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