BestValueVacs Cyclone Rosin Press - TouchScreen Version 22443

BestValueVacs Cyclone Rosin Press - TouchScreen Version 22443


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BestValueVacs Cyclone Rosin Press - TouchScreen Version 22443

The Cyclone - Rosin Twist Press *Touchscreen Version*

**This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances.
Rosin, solventless oil, is made by putting plant material under heat and pressure. At Best Value Vacs, we've mastered the art of Rosin and our presses are the best in the industry. Our Rosin Presses use precision, feedback-control heating and plates are designed for ideal heat transfer to your medium. After manufacturing and testing of each unit to the highest quality control standards, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty so you can press with confidence!

Be the calm center in the eye of the storm with Best Value Vacs' new Cyclone twist press. Now, you can optionally bolt the unit to a workbench and twist out maximum yield! Featuring dual heating plates specially sized to fit our mesh bags and a digital timer for maximum control, the Cyclone is your superior, no-frills, Rosin-crushing machine.

Heating Plate Size 60mm x 120mm (2.5" x 5") Polished Aluminum
Press Mechanism Crank bar twist press
Maximum Pressure Approx. 1000lbs
Temperature Range 0 - 415F (0 - 212C)
Digital Timer 0 - 999s
Electrical Characteristics 120v/60Hz, 900w, 10A
International Models 220v available
Warranty Registered 90-Day
User Manual Included

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