Better Bat OneHitter Dugout Bat Eject-Able Wood 6cm / Small

One-Hitter Bat - Better Bat Spring-Clean - Approx. 2" (Small)


Better Bat


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Better Bat OneHitter Dugout Bat Eject-Able Wood 6cm / Small

The one-hit wonder.
Better-Bat has a striking design and allows you to take a quick hit anywhere. The pipe head of the Better-Bat is big enough for the amount needed for 1 good hit.

How does the Better-Bat work:
Fill the Better-Bat with the smoking mixture of your choice. Light up and take a good suck on the Better-Bat. After your inhalation push the bottom up. All ash and debris is ejected immediately, leaving the Better-Bat pipe ready for the next moment that you need another single shot.

Better-Bat Small Grinder Tip 
The advantages of the Better-Bat at a glance:
- functional in use
- ready quickly for the next use
- easy to disassemble; easy to clean
- high quality materials
- a feast for the eyes
- excellent value for money

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