Big Book of Buds Vol 3 by Ed Rosenthal

Big Book of Buds Vol 3 by Ed Rosenthal


Rosenthal, Ed


Big Book of Buds Vol 3 By Ed Rosenthal 256 pages Isbn-13: 978-0932551795 This third volume of everyone's favorite marijuana resource book by Ed Rosenthal offers crucial information to any cannabis grower or weed connoisseur. The Big Book of Buds, Volume 3 brings together a tremendous amount of information on the plant itself with specific descriptions of appearance, details on ripening time, and tips on growing. Interspersed throughout are short, engaging essays, interviews with the breeders, and compelling images of the plants. An all-in-one guide offering a unique blend of useful, entertaining, and practical information for the marijuana appreciator, this book is perfect as a gift, a resource guide, or even a coffee table accessory.

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