Botanicare Nutrient / Additive - Seaplex 1L

Botanicare Nutrient / Additive - Seaplex  1L




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Botanicare Nutrient / Additive - Seaplex  1L

Seaplex® is cold processed seaweed for foliar spraying, soil and soilless container gardens and hydroponic systems that can be used for certified organic crop production.

Seaplex® OMRI listed for use in organic production contains only the most effective ascophyllum nodosum, a brown kelp that is harvested from the cold, clean waters of the north Atlantic. Brown Kelp is packed with maximum levels of amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients, plant hormones (auxins, cytokins, gibberillins) and soil biology that encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth. Seaplex's natural, potent mixture is enriched with a proprietary enzyme structure, along with a wide range of ionic minerals. These quality ingredients are processed into a liquid supplement that can be applied through any irrigation feed method or foliar spray.

Use with leafy plants, vegetables, and fruits.
Use as a Foliar Spray in conjunction with Fulvex at 15 - 30 ml per gallon of water.
Use in Soil Container gardens at 7 - 10 ml per gallon of water.
Use in Hydroponic systems at 7 - 10 ml per gallon of water in nutrient solution.

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