CAN Filter Group CAN-Lite 1500 CLEARANCE 89cfm Exhaust Activated Charcoal / Carbon

CAN Filter Group CAN-Lite 1500 Activated Charcoal / Carbon Exhaust / Scrubber Sale


CAN Filter Group CAN-Lite 1500 CLEARANCE 89cfm Exhaust Activated Charcoal / Carbon


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CAN Filter Group CAN-Lite 1500 CLEARANCE Activated Charcoal / Carbon 89cfm Exhaust / 177cfm Scrubber

Clearance Sale Price - Discontinued item and we cannot get more of the plastic flange made for these, so we're pricing them to sell cheap and you can use whatever duct collar or flange you feel like jury-rigging this up with (metal 4" flange made for CAN-33 works in a pinch)

Can-Lite 1500 Plastic w/o Flange

(Requires Mini 4" Plastic Flange - Available Separately for a few dollars)

Can-Filters has designed and built these mini Can-Lite filters for convenience and long life.  They feature a plastic housing and a bayonette style, twist-lock mount.  100% Australian Granulated carbon.  Plastic Can-Lite filters are available in 3 sizes with a CFM range of 89 - 500.  Plastic Can-Lite is manufactured in a dedicated carbon filter plant in Holland. 

Lightweight plastic design
3 sizes from 89 - 500 cfm
Snap-on, twist lock mount
Low pressure drop
Lightweight Austrailian Granular carbon
Made in Holland

Technical Data:
Max Exhaust CFM: 150 m³h / 89 cfm
Max recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 300 m³h / 177 cfm
Prefilter: Yes
Outside Diameter: 145 mm / 5.5"
Height: 255 mm / 10"
Total Weight: 1.8 kg / 3.96 lbs.
Carbon Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.64lbs.
Carbon Bed Depth: 1.25"
Housing: Plastic
Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
Max Humidity: 70%

Recommended Fans:
Can-Fan 4" HO

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