Canna BioCanna Soil-Less Mix Potting 'Soil' Bio Terra Plus 50L Bag

Canna BioCanna Soil-Less Mix Potting 'Soil' Bio Terra Plus 50L Bag




Canna BioCanna Soil-Less Mix Potting 'Soil' BioCanna Bio Terra Plus 50L Bag

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BIOCANNA's Bio Terra Plus is made up of 100% natural materials and as such can also be used for organic cultivation. It is composed of different grades of peat, bark and coco coir, the use of perlite is no longer necessary to obtain an oxygen-rich, well drained potting mixture. Bio Terra Plus is specially designed and formulated for use with BIOCANNA nutrients. Bio Terra Plus is pH balanced and provides the optimum base for achieving professional results. With Bio Terra Plus the EC and pH value's do not need to be measured. Organic mediums and nutrients are not made of mineral salts but organically bound elements, which are not measurable. The medium has a natural pH which will keep the soil in balance by itself.

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