Capsule Machine Manual Filler Accessory - Dessicant Bag

Capsule Machine Manual Filler Accessory - Dessicant Bag


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Capsule Machine Manual Filler Accessory - Dessicant Bag

Desiccant Drying Bag
Capsules are affected by humidity - they absorb moisture and expand. They can jam in The Capsule Machine even if they are “new” because humidity can go through plastic bags. Therefore we enclose a reusable drying (desiccant) bag with each Capsule Machine. Extra desiccant bags are available at the Capsule Connection web site under Accessories.

The drying bag is packed in a heavy plastic bag to prevent exposure to humidity. After removing it from the bag, put it into an airtight jar or can. Your capsules should then be placed and stored in the same container for at least 24 hours. Do not open the desiccant bag. If capsules are jamming when joining, place the batch of capsules in the jar with a fresh desiccant bag.

After the drying bag has absorbed its capacity of moisture, it will no longer dry batches of capsules. However, it can be reused after drying it out in an oven set at 200 to 250° F (no higher) for 3 to 4 hours. The Tyvek material holding the desiccant will melt at 275°. Note: Capsules can also become too dry and thereby get too small. In that case, expose them to humidity to expand them.

The desiccant material is Silica Gel. Weight: one ounce. Do not open the bag or eat.

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