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Centurion Pro Original Wet Trimmer (Electropolished or Quantanium)

Centurion Pro Original Wet Trimmer (Choice of Either Electropolished Stainless Steel or Quantanium Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel Wet Tumbler - Purchase a Second, Dry, Tumbler Either Electropolished Stainless Steel or Quantanium Non-Stick Coated Stainless Steel to Turn Your Centurion Pro Into a Wet OR Dry Trimmer!)

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blades made of  D2 Hardened Steel with hardness factor of rockwell 59, just below carbide steel (others are rockwell 35)
blade will hold it’s edge 50x longer than all other competitors blades
the only adjustment necessary on the machine is for the blade, which is simple to accomplish
sharpening can be done on site with a hand stone if desired
a patent pending rare earth magnet system holds the blade in place, allowing for quick removal and easy adjustment
all parts are designed for simple, quick replacement, at very reasonable prices
one single motor, drawing around 7 amps (not including the dust collector)
easy lift off top cover has a built in work tray, and yes, two cup holders!
a low price, large capacity, lightweight hopper is available, which frees up someone having to sit in front of the machine
disassembly for cleaning takes under 10 minutes and requires only 2 allen wrenches
removal of the blade and bed bar allow full access to all parts of the machine
fully pressure washable
two machines can be very simply placed end to end for faster production
two Centurion Pros can be purchased for around the same as the cost of one competitors machine!
all this, and online access to the original inventor of the machine, for any inquiries you may have

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