Cheech Glass Bubbler Part - 14mm F into 29mm M Showerhead CHB035P

Cheech Glass AshCatcher/Bubbler Part - 14mm Female / 29mm Male Joint Showerhead Perc CHB035P




Cheech Glass AshCatcher/Bubbler Part - 14mm Female Bowl-Side Joint into 29mm Male Bong-Side (or Bubbler- or Ashcatcher-Side) Joint Showerhead Perc CHB035P

NOTE: THIS THING IS MASSIVE - LIKE 7.5 INCHES LONG. IT DOES NOT FIT ANY ITEM IN OUR STORE NOR ANY ASHCATCHER THAT WE EVEN KNOW OF. We bought some thinking that it might, and simply copied over the product description and photo provided by Cheech for your consideration. We aren't even really sure what it could be used in or with - perhaps a really large 29mm beaker base or bubbler or something... Bottom line, please don't order this unless you have a special purpose for it or you discuss it with us first?

Cheech Glass - Officially Licensed and Endorsed by Cheech Marin.

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