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Dark Crystal Glass (DC Glass) Glob Stopper Quartz Banger XL - Options

Dark Crystal Glass (DC Glass) Glob Stopper Quartz Banger - 45 or 90 degree, 10, 14 or 19mm Female or Male

NOW AVAILABLE (Limited Quantities off and on): XL Dish GlobStoppers - as above, just with a big meaty dish!

DC Glass very proudly brings to you the worlds highest grade Quartz domeless nail, The Glob Stopper! Made from Momentum Quartz right here in Canada, at DC Glass Headquarters. These pieces are made to last. Coming in at 3 times the thickness of the other brands products, our product is made to hold heat and not take 3 times as long to heat up either.

See photo showing XL dish alongside regular dish for comparison.

Also see photo showing DCG Globstopper Quartz Banger alongside thinner-wall cheap imported quartz banger for comparison.

Please note that a "Male" joint on a banger/nail fits into a "Female" joint on your rig - and similarly that a "Female" joint on a banger/nail fits onto a "Male" joint on your rig (some customers have mistakenly believed that a "Male" joint on a rig must be matched with a "Male" joint on a nail, for example, which of course is incorrect)

Hand-blown piece by local Canadian lampworker ("Glass Blower") Dark Crystal Glass (DC Glass). We prefer to provide and support quality work (and works of art) from impressive Canadian glass artisans (and North American artists more generally) whenever possible!

Stock # 21145 Matrix
 Stock # 21146 10mmFemale45degree
 Stock # 21149 10mmMale90degree
 Stock # 21150 14mmFemale45degree
 Stock # 21152 14mmMale45degree
 Stock # 21153 14mmMale90degree
 Stock # 21155 19mmMale90degree