Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water 1L

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Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water

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Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water 1L

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our amazing Dr. Willard’s® products. Forty years ago, Dr. John Willard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, developed a complex formula that alters the molecular structure of normal water. Water which has been altered by Dr. Willard’s patented micelle catalyst becomes more efficient and more reactive. Testing has shown that when ingested by plants and animals, Dr. Willard’s Water® creates a more biologically active form of water in the bloodstream, so it does a better job of performing basic functions such as delivering food and nutrients to cells and expelling toxins.

Dr. Willard's PlantCatalyst is a nutrient absorption enhancer that improves the uptake and assimilation of nutrients. It makes 'ordinary' water (tap water, well water, purified water, etc.) more reactive and more effective as a transport medium for nutrients to the plant cells.

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