DymaPak 3.6x5.8" 1/8oz Capacity Black Child Resistant Bag 1000/box

DymaPak  3.6x5.8" 1/8oz Black Child Resistant Bag 1000/box




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DymaPak 3.6x5.8" 1/8oz Capacity Black Child Resistant Bag 1000/box

The DymaPak Child Resistant Mylar Bag offers an easy way for your product to meet strict state compliance requirements while looking sleek and professional. This simple and effective child resistant packaging solution makes great use of a tamper evident seal with tear notch accessibility. The pull-to-open zipper access is easy enough for adults to deem the DymaPak mylar bag senior-friendly while still keeping contents safe from the young and curious. While these child resistant mylar bags are perfect for a wide range of commodities, cannabis specifically benefits from the opaque, light resistant food grade material. Since mylar is highly customizable, it’s easy to use these DymaPak bags to create the attractive designs your product deserves while easily meeting state marijuana regulations. This model comes in opaque black and accommodates 1/8 ounce or up to 3.5 grams of product.

3.6" x 5.8"
1,000 units per box (also available by single bag)
Brand: DymaPak
Capacity: 1/8 ounce

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