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Ed's TNT Granadillo Vaporizer Stem For Arizer Air (or Solo) - 2" Shorter and Narrower 'Air' Size

Ed's TNT Granadillo Vaporizer Stem For Arizer Air (or Solo) - Shorter and Narrower 'Air' Size

"Ed’s TnT Wooden Arizer Air vapor stems are made from the finest Guatemalan Granadillo at 2″L tapered to 14mm they are designed to be used with you favorite water tool. They have 4 slots milled in the end of the stainless steel bushing to allow for increased air flow and better performance. The stem itself will have a somewhat earthy wooden flavor to it at first like any wooden pipe would have but will certainly dissipate after a few uses once the inside of the stem has been coated with vapor

I have designed and am making these stems now with a completely new wood to bushing style connection to make it easier with less hassle for cleaning and such for you the user. You will notice that ever stem that ships out now December 15th, 2015 comes with a few extra screens and now 3 high temperature orange orings. I am now turning a small groove into the wooden shaft that presses into the stainless steel bushing where I slide an oring over the end of the shaft and into the groove. The shaft is then pressed into the SS bushing and held in place securely with a compression fit. Having the oring allows the user to simple slide off the bushing and easily remove the screen while leaving the clip in place. You can then take a cotton swab dipped in high proof alcohol and swab out the inside of the stem and bushing. Let it dry, place a new screen under the clip, the oring should still be in good shape but if not simply take the old one off and slide on a new one, then press the shaft end of the wooden stem into the bushing for a solid fit.

Please do remember, these wooden stems should never be washed, soaked, submerged or dipped in any liquid what so ever! This will cause the wood to swell and may crack, surely it will discolor and neither is any of these any good!

Here’s a tip on how to really clean the inside of your Ed’s wooden stems – take a paper towel and twist it into a tight rope, then feed it into the stem through the mouth-tip end while twisting & pushing it through …keep twisting and you will route out any unwanted residual matter – works much better & more thoroughly than with Q-Tips. If you want an even cleaner extraction, use a very thin wash cloth or handkerchief and moisten with alcohol – use twist & route method above and have a fresh showroom-new Ed’s TnT custom stem! And don’t forget to use your Ed’s Bomb Ass Butter to reinvigorate the wood ;-)

I hope you enjoy this piece as I enjoy making it!"

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