EZ-Test Kit - LSD - 1/pack

EZ-Test 2.0 Drug Purity and Adulterant Test Kits - LSD - 1/pack


EZ-Test Drug Testing Kits


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EZ-Test Kit - LSD - 1/pack

EZ Test Kits are presumptive drug testing kits similar to those used by forensic laboratories, the Police and Customs and Excise, which have been repackaged and tailored to meet the demands of the public. The previous EZ Test Kits range, available since the 90s, were the first presumptive drug testing kits available on the market and consisted of only the Marquis, Mecke and Mandelin tests.

After several years’ research and development plus a major break through in innovation, upgrades and extensions to the range have been introduced. The improved EZ Test Kits range has been born and consists of the Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke, Scott, Ehrlich and MCPP tests in addition to our new Purity Tests!

EZ Test Kits are simple, portable tests for analysing samples when searching for any of the substances for which each specific testing kit or combination of kits will test. Any reaction and colour change that takes place when a sample has been added can be checked against the colour charts included in the packaging to determine the presence of a substance.

LSD (Erlich): ?EZ Test Blister for LSD and other Indoles. EZ Test for LSD (Ehrlich reagent) is a test that can be used to test for the presence of LSD or other Indoles such as DMT, Psilocybin, Psilocine,  and many others… No color = NO ACID! Will not react to N-BoMEs, DOB etc. The market for LSD is very polluted due to the fact that it is really hard to make and the chemicals needed are really difficult to obtain. Many times, a blotter will contain a different substance than LSD, such as 25B-NBOME, 25I-NBOME or other psychedelic amphetamines such as DOB and DOI. These adulterants in drugs can have serious side-effects such as nausea, anxiety, insomnia and in the worst case even death. EZ Test for LSD is a quick and easy to use test kit that can tell whether your sample contains LSD or another indole.  It is an effective means of adulterants and other potentially harmful substances which are often found in street drugs. When testing blotter LSD the color will probably not be as vibrant as when using a more concentrated form of sample, like a crystal. Nevertheless, the color will show up, just give it some time (3 minutes or so)! Doing this test is EZ, as always... Open the ampoule and insert the little ball that is in the cap of the ampoule breaker. Then, insert your sample and let the ingredients mix. No color = NO ACID!

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