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FloraFlex Incubator Propagation Tray Humidity Dome

FloraFlex Incubator Propagation Tray Humidity Dome

The Incubator™ Dome was engineered as the cover of the Incubator™ System and assists in propagating plants in their earliest stages of life, use the full Incubator™ System for optimal results.

To use the Incubator™ Dome place onto Incubator™ bottom tray. The Incubator™ Dome can be used completely closed or allow airflow using the signature airflow lifts on the bottom tray. The FloraFlex® Incubator™ System is designed to accelerate growth through aerated convection. Made from BPA and Lead Free.

Use with Incubator 50 Cell Insert Tray
Use with Incubator Bottom Tray
Use with Incubator Coco Plugs

Dimensions & weight
Dimensions: 24" L x 12" W x 8" H
Weight: 0.6 lbs

Stock # 41320