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Focus V Carta Back Pack 3-Compartment Carry Case Chromatix Series Choice of Color

Focus V Carta Back Pack 3-Compartment Carry Case Chromatix Series Choice of Color

For The On-The-Go Smoker
Chromatix Series introduces a line of accessories designed specifically for the CARTA that allows you to personalize your smart rig with no limitations. Whether you want to emphasize certain features of your CARTA or just add some custom personality to your e-rig, Chromatix offers an easy and affordable way to do it with an immense multitude of possible unique color combinations. The Chromatix lineup includes Tethers, Carb Caps, Carrying Cases, Back Packs, Silicone Stoppers, Atomizers, and Atomizer Bumpers.

Take your CARTA set up to the next level with a Focus V Chromatix Series Backpack. Each bag contains 3 compartments to store and separate your everyday items. With cushioned straps this bag is designed to be your new daily driver.

3 Compartment Back Pack

Stock # 43351 Matrix of Color
 Stock # 43352 Blue
 Stock # 43353 Green
 Stock # 43354 Orange
 Stock # 43355 Purple
 Stock # 43356 Red
 Stock # 43357 Smoke