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Gaia Green Rock Phosphate 2kg Organic Nutrient / Additive 0-3-0

Gaia Green Rock Phosphate 2kg Organic Nutrient / Additive 0-3-0

Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Blends are designed to meet specific requirements, and to improve the general vitality of your soil. Organic gardeners and farmers everywhere are discovering the benefits of using Gaia Green Premium blends for organic gardening.

Our Blends are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a range of essential nutrients. All of our products are made with no added synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, providing you with an alternative to conventional products.

Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral which is ground to a fine dust to improve the release of phosphorus for plant growth. This powdered mineral is then granulated with a natural binder called lignosulfonate. This granulating process produces a consistently sized particle which is easy to apply and is completely free of dust. After application, the pellets dissolve in water, returning the rock phosphate to a powder form. In addition to its binding qualities, Lignosulfonate naturally chelates the trace minerals in the rock phosphate, helping to improve availability.

Plants with high cation exchange root systems (legumes and grains) are found to be effective in obtaining phosphorous from soil and rock phosphate. This product is very effective when used in conjunction with cover cropping programs. Gaia Green Rock Phosphate contains 27% total phosphate with 3% immediately available.

Gaia Green Rock Phosphate is approved for use in organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada (in compliance with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists (CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015 and CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015)

Rock Phosphate 0-3-0

A pelletized, organic phosphorus fertilizer that is easy and safe to apply.
Rock Phosphate can be a good amendment for replenishing soil phosphorus supply in depleted soils.
Rock phosphate slowly releases phosphorus over many years.

Available Phosphoric acid (P2O5) ………………………3.0%
Total Phosphoric acid (P2O5) ……………………………27%

In gardens, landscape, and lawn: Apply up to 10 kg per 50 m² (22 lbs per 540 ft²). Gently work into soil surface once per month.

Pre-mixing soil for hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes:  Add 45 ml (3 tbsp) per 4 L (1 gallon) of soil or growing medium and mix thoroughly.

Top-dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Apply 15 ml (1 tbsp) per 4 L (1 gallon) of soil or growing medium. Gently dig into the soil surface. Apply once a month or as desired.

Safety Data Sheet:

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